50 years since the “storm of the century”

Fifty years ago, March 4, 1971, Montreal experienced what’s since been called the storm of the century.

We’ve had a few snowfalls since the millennium that equalled or beat the storm’s ~43 cm (figures vary) but that winter had already accumulated nearly 4 meters of snow. There were also 110 km/h winds, and the storm was followed by another snowfall on March 7. The city shut down for a week and the metro ran all night for the first time.

That city archive feature, first posted in 2015, has a video accompanied by a text and photos. Wikipedia has some comparative statistics. Metro talks to a climatologist who says it will happen again and not just because of climate change: the dice will roll that way again some year.

Added later: Radio-Canada, TVA, CTV and the Gazette all compiled some memories of the storm.