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  • Kate 19:52 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Heritage Montreal is afraid that towers built in the Bridge-Bonaventure area would obliterate views of Mount Royal but we all know that towers are inevitable.

  • Kate 19:51 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor of L’Île‑Bizard‑Sainte‑Geneviève is considering breaking away from Montreal because he feels he’s not getting enough help with flooding. Pierrefonds‑Roxboro’s mayor feels much the same way about it.

    I don’t think any borough can simply hold a referendum and secede. They would need to petition Quebec, exactly as they need to do to get more help with the flooding. And good luck with getting Quebec to give a damn about anything on the island of Montreal.

    • james 09:30 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

      So the independant town authorised the construction in flood zones. Now, post-merger, it is the big bad city’s fault that dikes and other flood protection aren’t constructed.
      Their proposed solution would reduce the tax base to draw on to construct these things while simultaneously reducing their political power with Quebec – Briliant idea!
      Seems a little premature for election posturing from borough councils that are 100% Ensemble Montreal.

    • Kate 16:18 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

      Well put, james.

    • EmilyG 17:10 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

      Though I think that those parts of Pierrefonds never used to be thought of as flood zones. I’ve lived in Pierrefonds since the 1980s and there haven’t been floods here since several years ago.

  • Kate 19:34 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

    A water main geyser popped up on St‑Joseph near Boyer on Wednesday and cars had to go somewhere else for awhile.

    • Ian 18:40 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

      I’m sure it wasn’t great for pedestrians, bicycles, or local foundations/ basements either.

  • Kate 19:30 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

    City workers now have a new means for filing racism complaints and the promise is that they’ll be taken seriously and investigated.

    • Kate 19:28 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

      Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery is staying closed for Father’s Day and some people are not happy.

      • Kate 16:06 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

        There hasn’t been enough rain to douse Quebec’s forest fires, so we’re being warned to keep our windows closed starting later on Thursday.

        • shawn 09:55 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

          Air quality was still “good” according to the websites as of 8 am. But now just shy of 10 am I am starting to notice it a bit…

      • Kate 08:33 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

        Global has a profile of S.W. Welch as he prepares to retire from bookselling.

        • shawn 10:00 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          BTW not to steal his focus but I passed by Victoria Hall yesterday, and there is a big banner outside that the “friends of Westmount Library” are having their own book sale….

        • Spi 10:05 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          @Shawn they probably haven’t taken down the sign from when they had their annual book sale a couple of weeks ago.

        • shawn 10:21 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Ha. Okay, that explains it. Yes, the library itself is being renovated and you have to enter through the greenhouse and I saw no sign of an actual book sale.

        • John B 10:32 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          As Spi says the sale happened the weekend before last, I believe. Westmount just finished a week-long blue-collar strike, and I believe it would be the blue-collar person/people that look after Victoria Hall that would take down the banner, so that explains the delay, and I would expect it to come down soon.

        • Kate 11:16 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Michael Black used to keep track of the book sales around town but I don’t know where he is now.

        • shawn 13:26 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          I may shoehorn another book/library article into this thread, very grim op-ed on the state of the Grande Bibliothèque from an “artist militante” in today’s La Presse: https://www.lapresse.ca/debats/opinions/2023-06-14/la-degradation-de-la-grande-bibliotheque.php

        • Kate 13:37 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Well, that’s depressing, but it’s part and parcel of the CAQ’s lack of interest in cultural affairs. With one hand it promotes French (mostly by repressing English) but with the other, it fails to maintain cultural entities and build a stronger French‑language cultural presence.

        • jeather 14:40 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Well, this entity is in Montreal: of course he wouldn’t spend money maintaining it.

        • Kate 16:09 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          True, but it’s a Quebec cultural entity. I certainly wouldn’t expect Legault to give a damn about our municipal libraries, but the BAnQ is, or was, a big deal on Quebec’s cultural horizon.

        • shawn 16:58 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          (BTW I meant to more politely say ‘IF I may…” . In my defence I’m on no-sleep.)

        • Ian 07:18 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

          Well I for one do care specifically about S.W. Welch. The best used bookstore in Montreal and a pillar of the zmile End community. He and his store will be sorely missed,, the neighbourhood is suffering a great loss here..

          That said, he has earned his retirement in spades & I wish Stephen and his family nothing but happiness.

        • Kate 08:25 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

          I agree, Ian. I’ve known that bookstore since he first opened it on Decarie near the Snowdon Deli, and that’s a long time ago. It will be missed.

        • Meezly 09:39 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

          Hear, hear.

        • Ian 19:39 on 2023-06-15 Permalink

          Worth noting the old guy browsing around in that video is my Dad and I’m the other old guy in the grey hoodie & flat cap 😀

      • Kate 08:31 on 2023-06-14 Permalink | Reply  

        One in ten kids in Quebec was the subject of youth protection reports but youth protection services are seriously understaffed in Montreal.

        The Gazette points out that community groups are being squeezed out by rental increases.

        • JaneyB 10:09 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Wow. I had no idea that so many kids were in harm’s way. To get to a report level of distress is something, after all. I’m curious where Quebec’s system of Centres des jeunesse fits in this. It seems to be a real innovation in teenage services and I was thinking it would absorb some of the normal stresses of parent-kid relations during that age. Maybe someone here knows more about this?

          I’m sad that the big Stanley St. YMCA is being sold. That’s a great facility. I thought the Y was fairly solvent and certainly a key part of any city’s social and community service network. Seems not.

        • JP 12:27 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          It’s all so depressing. It’s in everyone’s collective best interest that these organizations continue their work. The government needs to step in. Remember when they bailed out Bombardier and then they just gave themselves big bonuses???
          But somehow for this, well, they’ll literally have to beg and probably barely get anything at that.

        • waffles 16:08 on 2023-06-14 Permalink

          Most of these jobs at community centres and youth programs pay 19-23$ an hour, poverty wages. No benefits. These jobs shouldn’t be dead end 🙁

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