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  • Kate 17:13 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s no surprise even to a non-fan like me that Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix.

    • Kate 13:56 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

      There was a fire this week at the vacant Trinity Memorial Church on Sherbrooke Street in NDG. There’s some vague talk here about a plan to convert the building to condos, but it’s been sitting empty for a long time.

      • Kate 13:43 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

        You can’t have a Grand Prix without an article asking whether it’s worth it. This piece gives no clear yes or no answer, observing what we all know – that it’s good for business in the short term, that it puts the city’s name out there in international media. But is it worth the large sums of public money poured into it, the environmental damage created by the sport, and the sexual exploitation that goes along with it? Evidently yes, to enough people it is worth it.

        • Kate 11:13 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

          A nice place for a new blog headquarters is for sale in Senneville – I’m sure a quick Gofundme campaign will allow me to move right in.

          • EmilyG 11:59 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I don’t know – Senneville is one of the few places on the island that can’t be easily reached by public transit. That’d be a negative for me, as I don’t drive.

          • EmilyG 12:01 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            On second thought, if I had enough money to buy that place, maybe I could afford a chauffeur.

          • Kate 12:32 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            If you have enough money for that place, you have everything delivered and you never have to leave. Maybe add a helipad…

          • Blork 13:36 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            Side survey: how do all y’all pronounce “Senneville?” I’ve always heard it (and said it) with three syllables (“Sen-ne-ville”) but CBC’s traffic reporter from a few years ago would say it with two syllables (“Sen-ville”). What’s the “correct” way to say it?

          • DeWolf 14:16 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I say Sen-ville. But it’s a bit theoretical because it never comes up in conversation and I’ve only been there once.

            It’s actually a pretty special place. Because of its location next to the lake, it has a microclimate that is a bit warmer than the rest of the island (which is already warmer than everything around it) and the trees are especially big and spectacular.

          • carswell 14:25 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I’ve always said it with three syllables, accent on the first, like the West Islanders, some of them francophones, I used to work with did.

            That said, Wikipedia comes down on the side of two syllables. Not sure how authoritative it is in this instance, however.

          • shawn 14:38 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            That must be it. I’m a boomer anglo West Islander and we always said it in 3 syllables.

          • EmilyG 14:52 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I’ve lived in the West Island most of my life. I say it with 3 syllables.

          • walkerp 15:16 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            Is that not on a flood plain?

          • Kevin 15:55 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I have only ever heard three syllables.

          • MarcG 19:31 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            Another vote for 3.

        • Kate 10:15 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

          Five men were arrested Sunday after they kidnapped a man in Montreal East and forced him into the trunk of a car. Police freed the victim, who was unhurt.

          • shawn 11:02 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            “While police initially described the victim as a man, SPVM spokesperson Veronique Dubuc later confirmed he was a teenage boy.”

          • Kate 11:04 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            I wonder whether it was a prank gone wrong.

          • shawn 14:41 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            Well, as we know all too well from those recent killings linked to West Island gangs, you can be a teen and mixed up in some pretty dangerous non-pranky stuff. (We never did hear more about whether the killers of that DDO kid who was videoed were caught, I think?)

          • Kate 16:05 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            shawn, I’ve got homicide maps from 2020 onward but no DDO kid. Do you mean this incident in Pointe Claire in February 2022? If so, another kid was sentenced for that, last summer. It wasn’t adults who were involved in that killing.

            But I take your point that we get incidents where teenagers do get dragged into seriously dangerous gang stuff, indeed sometimes agreeing to take the fall for someone over 18 because their sentences and their treatment will be lighter.

          • shawn 20:13 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            No, it was that poor kid from Sunnybrooke, DDO. One more horrible part of it was the video where he’s pleading for his life was left up on the web, and his friends were quoted as saying that no one deserves this, and they’re right. https://mtlcityweblog.com/2023/04/25/montreal-man-found-dead-in-ontario/

          • Kate 20:47 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Oh man, yes. I’d put that out of my mind. Grim.

        • Kate 09:53 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

          Owners of bar-terrasses in the Village say they’re considering closing: their clientele has dried up because the area doesn’t feel safe after many violent incidents nearby.

          Update: Police claim they’re doing what they can to make the area safer.

          • Ephraim 11:41 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            Are they hoping that the city will throw money at them? That police can actually do something? I mean, the village has always been a tough place to operate…. so much drugs, alcoholics and homelessness. But the only thing the police can do is patrol

          • DeWolf 11:59 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            The Village has always been a bit edgy, but the edge has gotten really sharp – there are a lot of really high and really drunk people who are constantly doing unpredictable and anti-social things like randomly screaming at passersby or smashing bottles everywhere. It’s not a good scene. At the same time, a ton of businesses closed during the pandemic, which created a vicious circle: there’s less to do in the neighbourhood, so fewer people go, and as fewer people go, there’s even less reason for them to visit.

            I’m optimistic about the Latin Quarter because the foot traffic it lost during the pandemic is finally coming back. And other parts of Centre-Sud like Ontario Street are doing pretty well. But Ste-Catherine between Beaudry and Papineau metros is quickly becoming a black hole.

          • Daniel 13:33 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            For sure it’s a vicious cycle, DeWolf.

            And I don’t want to be “old man screams at cloud” here, but for sure young people have other places to meet people and other ways to do it. The raison d’être for a gaybourhood is disappearing. Not to say with the right mix of businesses, social services, etc it couldn’t come back. But it’s up against economic, social and technological (i.e., phones/apps) headwinds.

          • Blork 13:43 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            My prediction: the village will whither and die as a gayborhood within a few years. But it will unofficially re-launch elsewhere; not through any sort of planning, but by natural causes and gravitational effects. The new “village” will not even be so-named for a long time, it will just be known among people as something of a gaybourhood. Eventually (15 or so years from now) it will start to organize and wear the label of “village,” which will almost immediately make it more commercial and less appealing to those who will have come to like it by then. FFW another decade or two and it too will whither and die, but not for the same reasons why the current village is dying. It will die from lack of interest by its core demographic.

          • MW 13:57 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            The village’s current state is a direct result of the increased concentration of services in this area. A viable solution would be to evenly distribute these services throughout the city. The city likely hasn’t done this as they prefer the path of least resistance, presumably to avoid potential backlash from the local residents.

          • Ephraim 15:25 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            @Blork – You mean like how HoMa is sometimes called HoMo instead? The “village” changes every few decades. It used to be near Guy and Mackay many many years ago. But bars themselves aren’t doing that well anymore

          • DeWofl 15:58 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            There’s a few different areas with a large number of queer/gay/lesbian people. But the Village still has a role to play, the same way historic Chinatowns have a deep-rooted significance that none of the newer Chinese enclaves do.

          • DeWolf 15:58 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            (Above comment posted by DeWofl, my alter-ego.)

          • Ephraim 18:19 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            @DeWolf – You do realize that Montreal’s Chinatown was a Jewish neighbourhood before it’s current incarnation, right? See http://spacing.ca/montreal/2008/01/28/when-chinatown-was-a-jewish-neighbourhood/

          • Michael 18:35 on 2023-06-18 Permalink

            This is what happens when you set up places where they can go and shoot up heroin into their veins.

            Who knew having people shoot up heroin isn’t good for a neighbourhood. Encouraging this behaviour is what will lead us down the path of San Francisco.

          • DeWolf 00:50 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Yes Ephraim, I wrote that article you’re linking to…

          • Kate 01:12 on 2023-06-19 Permalink


          • walkerp 07:29 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Michael, have you been to San Francisco or are you just parroting right-wing talking points you got on social media?

          • Joey 09:02 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Bill Binns would’ve loved this.

          • MarcG 09:25 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            I got whiffs of Bill off of Michael’s bike path comment the other day, but this one really stinks of him.

          • walkerp 10:22 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Ah yes, I had forgotten about his stupid ass. We got ourselves a sock puppet here?

          • Kate 13:37 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            walkerp, I don’t think so, but it isn’t impossible.

            “Michael” has made nearly 50 comments from the same email address starting in February 2022. Bill Binns’ final comment, from an unrelated address, was made in May 2021. There’s also no similarity in their IP numbers. None of this is conclusive, admittedly.

          • CE 14:04 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Michael is consistently using Canadian spelling which Bill never did.

          • walkerp 14:58 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Ah good to know. Well I’ll give Michael the benefit of the doubt and hope that somebody better versed than me can explain the reality of addiction and the generally accepted (by health care professionals and addiction specialists) superior approach of harm reduction.
            Basically law & order has not worked to curb addiction and all the social ills that follow it, has actually made it worse. Safe injection sites have very little to do with the big increase in homelessness and opioid addiction in North American cities.

          • carswell 15:34 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            Whoever he is and wherever he’s from, if he’s going to regurgitate rightwing talking points (points for San Francisco bashing!), Michael needs to back up his assertions with some actual facts and trustworthy research. None of what he’s claimed is self-evident despite his appearing to think it is.

          • Kate 15:55 on 2023-06-19 Permalink

            CE, very perspicacious of you!

        • Kate 09:42 on 2023-06-18 Permalink | Reply  

          The SPVM Eclipse squad finds GP weekend a fertile hunting ground for information about crooks, who they’re seen with and what they get up to in the feverish party scene.

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