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  • Kate 19:02 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Police fired on a car thief Wednesday evening at Addington and St‑Jacques (Radio‑Canada calls this Sud‑Ouest but I make it lower NDG). The man caught boosting a car is now in critical condition and the BEI is investigating.

    (I added the TVA link later, and they do make it NDG.)

    • Tim S 21:57 on 2024-04-17 Permalink

      Yeah, the escarpment, train tracks and highway are a pretty unsubtle dividing line between NDG and Sud-Ouest. Though the incident occurred just past where St Jacques goes under the 720 and up the escarpment, so I guess a writer unfamiliar with the area might have made a bad guess.

    • Mark Côté 22:35 on 2024-04-17 Permalink

      They didn’t capitalize Sud-Ouest in the article so I guess geographically it’s still accurate…?

    • Ian 07:17 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      Isn’t that Côte St Paul?

    • Meezly 08:56 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      There was locally viral video about a week or so ago where a car thief smoothly reversed onto a sidewalk to escape two policemen who were on foot, who kind of stood there and cursed loudly. Commenters were pretty harsh in their criticisms, ie. cops are so incompetent, stupid, useless, etc. I wonder if that shooting was a reaction to that…?

    • dwgs 08:58 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      Cote St Paul is just down the hill, near the Gadbois sports complex.

    • MarcG 10:25 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      It’s just inside CDN-NDG according to the official city borough map, but Mark is right that they didn’t capitalize it so the charges won’t stick.

    • Ian 13:09 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      @dwgs ah, I didn’t realize N-D was the border, thanks for the clarification 🙂

    • MarcG 15:48 on 2024-04-18 Permalink

      Since it’s not an official borough the neighbourhood’s borders are fuzzy, but the historical town of Côte-Saint-Paul started on the other side of the canal (of course there’s a Ch de la Côte-Saint-Paul in St-Henri to confuse us). I highlighted the current imprecise borders described on Wikipedia here.

    • Ian 07:58 on 2024-04-19 Permalink

      Oh wow that’s way further south than I thought. Which begs the question, what neighbourhood is that stretch just west of the highway tangle, south of the rail yards, north of the canal, east of lachine?

    • Kate 09:09 on 2024-04-19 Permalink

      Ian, I kyped this map of the city boundaries from CTV ages ago (copied it because I was afraid they’d eventually delete it) and it should show you. Please come back and report!

    • MarcG 09:26 on 2024-04-19 Permalink

      I don’t think any neighbourhood lays claim to that grim slice of Sud-Ouest.

    • Ian 09:31 on 2024-04-19 Permalink

      Well, acording to that map everything north of the canal and south of NDG is just vaguely “Southwest”, either north of Ville Emard or CSP. My confusion is that I have seen local businesses describing themselves as CSP that apparently aren’t … I’m sure locals would have a name for this area, but I have no idea what it might be “officially”, especially since so many old neighbourhoods (like much of Lower Westmount) were razed for the highways and/or aren’t particularly residential neighbourhoods anymore.

      Just west of where Notre Dame intersects with Sainte Anne de Bellevue boulevard “Sud-Ouest” turns into Ville Saint Pierre to the south & Montreal West to the northwest.

      I hereby officially designate it as Saint Henri’s assneck.

    • Ian 09:39 on 2024-04-19 Permalink

      PS that map isn’t super precise, Hutchison is the border between Outremont and Mile End (officially right down the middle of the street from Van Horne to Saint Joe) but that map places the boundary east of Parc.

  • Kate 15:58 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor made the point Wednesday that everyone needs to make an effort to keep the city clean.

    • Kate 15:54 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

      There was a brawl with pepper spray at Berri‑UQAM Wednesday midday, then the eastern branch of the orange line went down mid‑afternoon.

      • Kate 15:20 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

        This account of an ongoing murder trial will provide you with enough details of sordid lives to be getting on with.

        • Kate 11:20 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

          A new count of the homeless will be made this month, as shelters are full to bursting. But it won’t be done census‑style as has been done twice in the past, but a head count and summary done by people and organizations operating homeless services all over town.

          • Kate 09:01 on 2024-04-17 Permalink | Reply  

            A man who directed a community group that helped new arrivals in Anjou is also accused of having solicited vast amounts of child pornography from Mali. Now he’s on trial.

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