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  • Kate 21:42 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

    Data show that REM downtimes closely followed the temperature last winter.

  • Kate 21:40 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

    The RCMP have uncovered a plot cooked up by two men at Montreal’s ICAO headquarters to traffic Chinese war materiel to Libya. Sounds like a background plot for a bad action movie.

    • Ian 23:16 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

      Bon Cop, Bad Cop 3

  • Kate 21:35 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec is putting up $7.8 million for housing offices and municipalities in advance of moving day, meant to help people in a jam looking for a new place to live that they can afford.

    • Kate 14:07 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

      Mayor Plante says it’s inutile to say “Hi” after “Bonjour” and merchants should speak French to customers.

      Incidentally, Bernard Drainville is blaming the rise in English spoken in French schools on asylum seekers. Note that it isn’t a question any more of languages other than French – there must be some kids speaking Arabic or Spanish, for example – it’s English, that wickedest temptress among languages.

      • Ian 17:39 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Multiculturalism is an English plot to destroy French, didn’t you hear?
        It’s just a variation on white replacement theory.

      • Blork 18:38 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Is it only anglos who understand that the “hi” is code for “I won’t judge you or be harsh with you if you happen to speak English?”

      • Ian 18:46 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        I still think âllo/’allo would be an ideal solution. But yeah, like Blork said, French first & let people know they can switch if they want. If it was signage it would follow OQLF rules – English second, and half as important.

      • MarcG 19:35 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Maybe it needs to be whispered so it’s half the volume.

      • Kate 19:39 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Blork, they know, and they don’t want that option to be offered.

      • Ian 20:02 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Well, therein lies the rub. It’s not that French isn’t represented, or even dominant; it’s that it’s not exclusive.

      • Kate 20:09 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        How will this square with summer’s tourism season? Are we really meant to stick stubbornly to French when asked directions by an American or British tourist?

      • Ian 20:14 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        I guess like in Europe people would simply say “do you speak English” but I’m sure once the bonjour/hi problem has been resolved, speaking any language in public other than French … oh wait

      • Uatu 01:40 on 2024-04-24 Permalink

        I thought this was resolved 4yrs ago with “bonjour – ho!” Lol

      • jeather 16:09 on 2024-04-24 Permalink

        I actually saw a sign saying Bonjour Ho! somewhere in the past year or so, it made me laugh.

      • Ian 17:28 on 2024-04-24 Permalink

    • Kate 09:51 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

      The Guardian reports on Céline Dion’s struggle with stiff person syndrome, essentially rewording a piece (in English) in Vogue France, photographed wearing some very odd clothes.

      • qatzelok 12:47 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        The clothing in the Vogue article appear to be therapeutic so a kinesiologist might be required to explain them to civilians.

      • Ian 18:37 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        Or perhaps an upholsterer.

      • Blork 18:40 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

      • walkerp 20:23 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        I didn’t realize she was only 55! That’s really sad and sucks for her. Anglos like to joke about her because we can’t deal with sincerity but she has always struck me as a fundamentally decent person who never allowed her celebrity to overcome her humanity. I attribute a lot of that to her Quebec background.

      • JP 23:31 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        It’s a great interview. I’m glad she is doing better. My two favourite blogs rarely overlap but today both have a post about Celine’s interview!

        Unlike a lot of celebrities, Celine buys all her designer clothes: “I have always bought everything myself. I didn’t want to borrow. It’s a form of respect. People pay to come and hear me sing, so I pay to buy myself clothes by designers.”

      • Ian 09:16 on 2024-04-24 Permalink

        @walkerp many Francophones mock her, too. For one, you should hear my belle-mère (mother-in-law, not stepmother) go on a tear, she even does impressions.

    • Kate 09:14 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

      Gilbert Rozon is in La Presse Tuesday blaming everyone except himself for the downfall of Just For Laughs. His letter to the paper is reproduced in full.

      • Blork 09:36 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

      • PatrickC 09:52 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        The article says there were four sisters of Rozon’s among the “hauts dirigeants” of the company. That’s a lot of nepo. That said, some of his criticisms of the way media capitalism works sound plausible to me.

      • Kate 10:04 on 2024-04-23 Permalink

        I’ve mentioned before, I think, that I worked there in the graphic design department in summer 2009. His twin sisters would show up occasionally and we gave them precedence over anything else going on. They used to run a twins parade that sort of hung off the main festival and was their pet project. I don’t think it made any money.

      • CE 22:21 on 2024-04-24 Permalink

        I never understood why JFL had a twin parade. Like, what is funny about twins? It always seemed to have echos of old fashioned circus freak shows. I guess this explains it.

    • Kate 08:50 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

      The RCMP is taking over investigation of a bomb scare at the Museum of Fine Arts on April 7. The caller made other threats, a young person has been questioned, and his apparent motives seem to have alerted the Mounties.

      • Kate 08:45 on 2024-04-23 Permalink | Reply  

        Four cars were torched early Tuesday at a repair garage in Hochelaga. This incident follows other vehicle arsons over the weekend.

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