Montreal is one of Canada's most diverse cities…

Montreal is one of Canada’s most diverse cities with over 25 different minority groups. The City is also known for its multicultural and multicultural architecture with over 200 architectural types represented.

For the past decade, the St-Jacques Farmers Market has become a mainstay in the city’s food scene and it even has its own restaurant (called “La Mardaise” in French!). The market is located in the French Quarter of the heart of Montreal.

On a rainy March morning, the market is packed with shoppers, families in tow and a whole crowd of enthusiastic music fans listening to musicians such as Béla Fleck, Dave Matthews Band, and Justin Bieber.


Montreal is a French Canadian city located in the northwest part of Quebec with a population of just under 5 million. The city, which was founded less than 100 years ago, has a population of approximately 6 million people and is located on the Pacific coast of Quebec.


Montreal is a wonderful city. A true cosmopolitan, a melting pot of a place. You see it all the time, if you are willing to go out for it. It’s like, you go across the street, one of your friends is there, you’re like, ‘what the hell is that and why the fuck do people do that?’ I’m not saying it’s the worst thing it ever was, but I can definitely say it’s a place that’s got a lot of different people, all doing very different things.”

“I think that’s a lot of it. But also, we were all really tired of playing for big clubs, and so we went into this really quiet, quiet place just on a whim. And we thought, ‘hey, that would be an interesting place for us to work if we had our own stage.'”

Riot grills: The next step for the Montreal trio is releasing their debut album, and how they’ll do so.

Listen to the interview with the trio below.


Montreal is in possession of the 3 points with nine games remaining. The top Eastern Conference team should have an edge. However, if the Leafs win the Cup, no team can stand in the way of them winning the whole thing. After all, if they take over the Maple Leafs with a win, they could clinch the Eastern Conference and the top seed in the East.

The Canadiens have the best two goalies in the world in Carey Price and Max Pacioretty so it is safe to say they will be able to get through this game without much trouble. Furthermore, the Canadiens can play their second line, a very good mix of offensive talent, that includes PK Subban and…


Montreal is on the other hand is on our short list. But we won’t be taking it on.

A lot of what the AI has to say about Montreal is gibberish about the Canadiens (much of it confused and out of date), and occasionally about the Impact. It never mentions the Alouettes. It sometimes talks about music and is prone to issuing rather dull lists of statistics.

Now time for a late lunch at La Mardaise!