Why Landry can't find his home in Griffintown

Toula Drimonis lays out why it’s unsuitable to name the Griffintown REM station after Bernard Landry.

La Presse covers tireless self-promoter Donovan King’s protest against the name.

Drimonis suggests naming stations – why this one needs a name other than Griffintown, I do not know – after “some women, some artists, some Montrealers of diverse origins.” Tricky thing here, since Griffintown itself is named after one Mary Griffin, who, quoting Wikipedia, “illegally obtained the lease to the land from a business associate of Thomas McCord in 1799. She then commissioned land surveyor Louis Charland to subdivide the land and plan streets for the area in 1804.”

I recall hearing that this happened while McCord was abroad for a time, and when he returned to Montreal he found his land had been developed and sold off piecemeal without his knowledge. Mary Griffin would make a great mascot for real estate developers, but she’s clearly not someone most of us need to recall with more honour.

However, I say just name the station Griffintown. That’s where it is, why confuse matters?