Strange things we are known for

The recent news about Donald Trump “acing” the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test (pdf) has brought the city’s name into a kind of unearned prominence in world news. The test, devised here by Dr Ziad Nasreddine, is designed to reveal various cognitive deficits quickly.

This reminded me of two other things which crop up but don’t have a lot to do with life here:

The Montreal Protocol, the most successful international agreement to date on an environmental issue – any issue at all, really – has meant that substances responsible for ozone depletion have been phased out. A not displeasing thing to have the city’s name attached to. (Wikipedia’s disambiguation page reminds me that there are other pacts associated with the city, including another protocol meant to protect civil aviation from unlawful acts.)

And then there’s Montreal steak seasoning. People who know nothing else about the city turn out to know about this. Wikipedia says it includes garlic, coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper, dill seed and salt.

Any other well-known things named for the city in this way?