Male strip club closes after Covid cases

A male strip club in the village is suspending its activities after several cases of Covid among its staff.

Lachine is closing some pools after lifeguards tested positive.

Here’s an interesting tweet from a user called NonMasqué, calling people to Place Émilie‑Gamelin Saturday at noon to protest masks. “Le peuple québécois est invité à s’unir pour défendre ses droits et libertés…” yadda yadda.

Why is Le Devoir giving time to a grotesque anti-mask op-ed at this point? Note that it’s written by a philosophy PhD candidate, not a medical professional.

Quoting Les Perreaux on Twitter: Bars are voluntarily closing because they’re afraid and the covid homeless shelter is reopening for a second wave but also let’s have public gatherings of 250 people while scolding people over house parties. I’m confused.