Kamala Harris: a brief Montrealer

Now that Kamala Harris is to be the first woman, and first woman of colour, to be Vice-President of the USA, Montreal is staking its claim on her and Westmount High may never quite get over it. CTV’s headline “Kamala Harris becomes first Westmount High alum ever elected to American vice-presidency” suggests there are others lining up for the job.

Let’s not forget Dan Bilefsky’s piece in the New York Times, discussed here, where it mostly came out that Harris wasn’t exactly enchanted by her time in the city.

The Gazette, in its wisdom, headlines this piece “Americans living in Montreal celebrate Biden’s win over Trump” and I was like, wow, at the photo – before realizing it was from New York. I don’t mean to constantly critique the paper, I know that they’re running on fumes like a lot of media, but can they not be a little more coherent? I want a better local anglo paper. (Bring back the Montreal Star!)

Incidentally, I could hear fireworks Saturday night in Villeray, quite a few minutes of them. I don’t know whether these were joyous Americans, but it seems possible.