QMI keeps up campaign against Plante

QMI is keeping up the pressure to get rid of Valérie Plante, also the pressure to bring back Denis Coderre. I’m a little puzzled by the latter, since although Coderre was a reliable source of news stories about bombastic projects gone wrong, he’s a known federalist and never provided much interest on the nationalist side. Maybe it’s just that he’s a guy.

I’ve been watching with interest how the media are manufacturing consent that Plante is doing a bad job. You do this not by making outright claims or charges, but by implying that “a lot of people think” a certain way. We’re herd animals, and if told often enough that other people feel a certain way, a lot of people will follow suit. Look how Allison Hanes does it in the Gazette in September.

I only have to think back to the utter chaos of the latter Tremblay years and Denis Coderre’s weird, expensive inflation of the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations to see how this city is not doing so badly – under a worldwide pandemic, yet – and wonder how people can feel that Plante is doing a terrible job, compared to recent people in that chair, and given the current situation.