Christmas markets go online

CTV has a piece about Christmas markets going online but although they mention a couple, they do not link. Once again I’m nonplused by this mainstream media insistence on reporting an online phenomenon but not linking to it, as if they float above the web but do not sully themselves in it.

Yes, I know the arguments. One, maybe they’re not supposed to be actively supporting the entities named or giving them free advertising. Two, maybe everyone can now Google so effortlessly that no linking is necessary. Both these arguments are bad – we’re talking Christmas markets here, not individual businesses, plus they’re telling us about them, so they’re already giving out free PR. It’s not advertising.

Googling is also no guarantee. Puces Pop has always been slipshod about publicity, putting some things on the Pop Montreal website and some on Facebook, and we know that finding things reliably on Facebook is a mug’s game, besides which – does this even have to be explained? – not everyone is on Facebook so relying on it for your publicity is simply not smart. It won’t reach everyone. It doesn’t even reach its own users reliably.

That said, here’s the Puces Pop Facebook page which indicates their online service won’t be open till December 4 anyway, a fact not mentioned in the article linked above. The other one mentioned I can’t find at all.

I’m lambasting CTV here but most of our media are guilty of this refusal to link. The only news site that reliably links is the Metro paper.

On reddit, someone posted a well researched list of local online businesses to order gifts from.