Christmas begins new lockdown

I was listening to radio Tuesday afternoon as Premier Legault announced a new Covid lockdown to begin after Christmas day and last till January 11.

Legault fudged on answering the question why not, since we have a serious problem, begin now? He clearly didn’t want to admit straight out that he wanted to maximize shopping and not make people feel deprived of the Christian holiday. Another journalist asked what was planned if we reach January 11 and Covid numbers are still climbing. We didn’t hear a clear answer to that either.

Anyway, non-essential businesses will have to shut down for 2½ weeks. This tweet from Andy Riga lists which businesses are considered essential.

Radio had people talking about the need to get people outside moving around. The Botanical Garden grounds are set to reopen, although the photo accompanying this item is misleading, as there wasn’t any lantern festival this year (and it would’ve been taken down by December anyway).