Camara arrest “not racial profiling”: SPVM chief

SPVM chief Sylvain Caron says the arrest and six-day lockup of Mamadi Camara was not racial profiling and that the force will apologize to him at an appropriate moment (“au moment opportun”).

Police are now floating a theory that someone took revenge on Sanjay Vig, known for his zealous application of the highway code around Park Ex.

There’s to be a demo in support of Mr Camara Friday at 16:30 near Parc metro.

Update: Adding this Journal story about stresses between city hall and the SPVM. It isn’t news – I don’t think the city has had effective control over its police force for a long time, but in this case it’s blown up over the mayor wanting an inquiry and an apology from the force, while the chief still hangs onto the possibility that Camara is involved somehow in the incident.