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  • Kate 11:24 on 2021-07-25 Permalink | Reply  

    Bar owners in the Village want sanitary rules to be suspended for Fierté Montréal, scheduled this year from August 9-15.

    • Vazken 13:16 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      this seems to be a BADDDDDDDDDDDD idea, even with strong vaccine counts, places that have “opened up” are seeing MASSIVE spikes in new cases.

  • Kate 11:23 on 2021-07-25 Permalink | Reply  

    The vaccination lottery is open. One prominent doctor doesn’t think it’s ethical.

    I signed up, why not? But some on Twitter are having trouble with errors on the site.

    • j2 11:40 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Got a system under maintenance notice after submitting the form. Overload default or just the site having government hours?

    • mare 11:43 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Grrr, signed up, looked up all the information, entered it one-handed, pressed submit and got a maintenance error message.

    • Kate 12:04 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      I’m going to win! It sounds like nobody else has been able to sign up.

    • Vazken 13:14 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      It was working for me!

    • david37 13:45 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      I’ve tried a couple times today and it’s still down for me.

    • dhomas 13:51 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      That doctor from the JdeM article says:

      “On ne dit pas aux gens: “Participez à une étude pour gagner quelque chose, vous allez recevoir un montant.” C’est le côté un peu bizarre, on n’est pas habitué de voir ces choses-là comme médecin.”

      This doctor has never listened to the radio, apparently. “Algorithm Pharma is looking for non-smokers to participate in a study. Up to 4000$ in compensation!”. Those ads used to be all over the radio, though I listen to much less FM radio now, so I don’t know if they still are.

    • Bert 16:04 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Yeah, if someone needs a lottery to get vaxxed, thanks for being soylent. green. Not commenting on the choice, but deal with your outcome.

    • Ephraim 17:47 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      They should have announced a health system fee and offered everyone a tax deduction equivalent to that amount. The people who don’t vaccinated can cost the health care system 100X a vaccinated person Why are we paying for their choices?

    • Chris 17:53 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Ephraim, for the same reason we pay for smokers, the obese, those that don’t exercise, etc. etc. Health care is a human right in our society.

    • Ephraim 17:58 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Chris – Not removing the right at all. Just increase healthcare by $100 and give the vaccinated a $100 tax rebate. They still get healthcare. But now, there is a $100 incentive to get vaccinated.

    • Tim S. 18:20 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Wow, you guys are really grouchy about Kate and Vazken maybe winning some money. After the past (counts) 16 months, a little carrot is OK.

    • Kate 21:03 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Most of the prizes are described as scholarships, so I don’t know whether non-students will even be able to claim them.

    • MarcG 08:56 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      From a CBC article: “The first of four weekly draws for Quebecers with their first dose will take place on Aug. 6, when one cash prize of $150,000 will be drawn for those 18 and older, and two $10,000 bursaries will be drawn for those aged 12-17.

      On Sept. 3, a $1-million prize will be drawn for fully vaccinated adults, and 16 $20,000 bursaries will be drawn for fully vaccinated teens.”

    • Kate 09:06 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      Thanks, MarcG.

    • Blork 14:24 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      I wish that September 3 draw was for 10 prizes of $100,000. I’d rather have a slim chance at $100 large than virtually no chance at a million.

    • Joey 15:24 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      Would 10 prizes actually move the needle from “virtually no chance” to “slim”? Maybe a hundred prizes at 10K? Or a thousand prizes at a thousand each?

    • Blork 15:50 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      It would move the needle at least in people’s minds. Also, I like the idea of spreading the money around a bit more instead of just giving one person the whole wad.

      And $100K is still a nice package.

    • mare 19:58 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      Since it’s quite an effort to sign up, and the second button to complete the process (under the download your vaccination proof now button) and a crime to sign up your grandparents without their express consent, I expect only a subset of vaccinated people will sign up.
      The adult Quebec population is around 7 M and say 4 million of them have entered. So your chance to win 100K is slight more than 1 in a million. To win the million your chance is slightly more than 1 in 4 million. (Slightly more because I’m sure they’ll remove the previous price winners from the next draw. Nobody would believe the draw wasn’t rigged when one person won twice.)

      I’m curious if they publish how many people actually put their name in.

    • MarcG 09:47 on 2021-07-27 Permalink

      Note that the first draws are for people who have a single shot and the big draw is for people with 2 – so presumably there will be less names in the hat for that one.

  • Kate 10:02 on 2021-07-25 Permalink | Reply  

    The Canadiens’ choice of Logan Mailloux has sparked a wave of negative responses, from politicians, from groups representing victims of sex crimes, and from angry people on Twitter. In the words of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, “you degraded women but you still deserve a place in our organization.”

    On Twitter, it’s running about 2/3 mad at Marc Bergevin, 1/3 saying Mailloux is young and his hockey career should not be cancelled over one mistake.

    • david874 12:19 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Yawn. The same gang of idiots who want to permanently cancel a teenager because he showed some teammates a nude photo of his GF will yammer on about how unjust it is how tough we are on actual crime. There’s no reasoning with a horde of the baying outraged demanding their pound of politically correct flesh. The Canadiens will wisely release some sort of bland statement, and wait for this gang to move onto the next shiny object.

    • Kate 12:54 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      Here’s a typical tweet on the angry side: “stop saying the “kid” “made a mistake” you fucking assholes revenge porn ruins people’s lives it’s not an oopsiedaisy ffs”

    • Kevin 15:43 on 2021-07-25 Permalink

      This wasn’t a boudoir photo: he secretly took a photo while getting a blowjob, then shared that image, along with her name and contact information.

      If he had done this in Canada, anyone talking about him would be subject to prosecution for violating a publication ban protecting his identity.

    • MarcG 11:30 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      Imagine what it would take for you, personally, to do something that despicable. Obviously broken as an individual and a reflection of the larger horror of macho sports culture.

    • David74 12:27 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      Hm, well I didn’t see that bit about the name and contact info, that’s a really whack thing to do, and goes beyond typical meathead-ism.

      Still, the guy was prosecuted and I’m pretty much every other context of a convict having completed his sentence, the people demanding he be deemed unemployable would be demanding that a person be given a second chance. It’s not like this guy is unrepentant or whatever.

    • MarcG 14:18 on 2021-07-26 Permalink

      The nature of the crime is important. The “actual crime” that people push against harsh penalties for are normally the result of people being marginalized. I don’t see anything hypocritical about wanting to abolish prisons and also wanting this guy to be required to pay more than a fine and make a forced apology.

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