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  • Kate 21:13 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

    A reward has been put up for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man involved in a shooting on a Saturday evening last April at the corner of St‑Laurent and Jean‑Talon. One of the two suspects was caught but the other has not been found. This is how La Presse described the incident at the time.

    Global has some stills from surveillance footage of the man being sought. I guess his pal doesn’t want to talk about him.

    • Kate 21:07 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

      The mayor unveiled a plan for pollinator‑friendly gardens as COP15 looms.

      Adding a later report about the city starting a fund to protect vulnerable species.

      • Kate 20:25 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

        J-F Lisée wastes his and our time on a plea to be able to talk about Indian Summer again and for McGill to revert to calling its teams the Redmen, because asking people to change a few terms is ethnically cleansing his language.

        • Kevin 23:52 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

          As someone else said: he’s a better writer than MBC, but he’s telling the same story.

        • Kate 10:19 on 2022-11-10 Permalink

          Yes, I saw that too. Accurate observation.

          Don Macpherson calls it a “brilliant parody of a Québecor column”.

        • GC 19:50 on 2022-11-10 Permalink

          “Redmen” is a pretty anglo term for him to be fighting for, too.

      • Kate 18:01 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Homeless folks camping under the Ville‑Marie near Atwater were given a break this week, after first being told they had to clear out by Thursday. Now the transport ministry says it will try to find them a place to go – and it can’t be safe to camp in a tent there through winter, so let’s hope it’s not just talk.

        • Kate 10:24 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

          REM trains are being run at full speed in automatic mode on the route downtown to simulate how they’ll actually be running when in service.

          The South Shore is getting ready to rejig its entire bus route map to integrate the REM next year.

          • mare 12:15 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

            That whole ‘no bus routes going in the same direction as the REM’ stipulation in the contract is going to bite us in the ass when there will be a technical problem with the REM. And there will be problems, because it’s technology. Imagine a train that breaks down on the Champlain. Or people on the track, or just a faulty detector that *reports* there are people on the track.
            Without backup bus lines that can be used to redirect passenger traffic, like there is on the metro, it will be chaos. Those busses don’t have to run very often, but when there is a bus stops infrastructure and bus routes on maps, people will know where to go to in case of need. It works pretty well with the metro after someone has jumped and the service is down.

            If the REM is so good why are they afraid of competition by busses? The current bus lines are better and faster for some people that don’t live near REM stations and who’ll have to make detours and transfers in the future that’ll increase their travel time. Why remove transit option before we can even assess which ones are no longer used by passengers? Maybe total ridership will go up when there are more options.

            The government doesn’t build highways and before they even open demolish all the smaller roads, do they? They didn’t even do that *after* the highway had opened, because it’s a known truth the highway will just add new cars. They didn’t close other bridges after the 25 bridge was build? Built it and they’ll come.

            Why do that then with the REM? Because it’s only ‘public’ transport in name? Maybe public transport for profit is a bad thing, and not really public transport.

          • shawn 12:31 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

            Be curious to see what happens in the West Island. Think is, they’ve got to turn buses into feeder routes for the REM because a) there’s so little car parking and b) some odd placements of REM stations.

          • mare 13:48 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

            I know, I know, the transport agencies probably lack busses and drivers to keep the old routes, even if they were allowed to do so. Things are always more complicated.
            Keeping with the highway analogy, those older, smaller roads also need to be lit, maintained and signposted (and policed, but finding money to add more cops is never a problem). Maybe CPQInfra should be obliged to subsidize those feeder bus routes, instead of extracting money from the boroughs.

          • Blork 15:28 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

            Hopefully they won’t mess with the RTL bus lines I use. I live nowhere near any REM station, so I don’t think they will. Currently the whole system is set up to either feed into the Longueuil Metro (north end of south shore) or the Panama station and thus express buses into the city via the Champlain bridge (south end of the south shore). I suspect it’s those south end bus lines that are more likely to change, because that’s where the REM is coming through. DON’T MESS WITH MY NORTH-END BUSES!

            Regarding the lack of bus lines along REM routes, hopefully there is a plan to at least have “temporary” bus lines along those routes for when the system goes down. As in, if the REM goes down, there’s a plan for specific “temporary” buses to run along temporary lines. Mind you that’s only good for major outages, as it will take time to ramp up whenever it happens. If the outage is only for an hour then the REM users are basically out of luck.

          • Blork 15:30 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

            BTW, I don’t know if those north-end/south-end designations are in actual use or if I just coined them. If they’re not in use they should be.

            Fun fact: when you take the Victoria bridge to the south shore, you’re actually farther north when you land in St-Lambert than you were when you got on the bridge in Montreal. #weirdmontrealgeography

          • Uatu 11:27 on 2022-11-10 Permalink

            Instead of of making transit more attractive it’s making me think of actually driving to work. And I hate driving. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks this.
            It’s going to be interesting to see how a breakdown is handled because it will effect commuters that are coming from as far down as st. Jean and they won’t be happy after a long day at work

        • Kate 10:16 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

          La Presse says traffic is typically bad on Wednesdays and was particularly bad this Wednesday morning around the river crossings.

          • Kate 10:00 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

            A restaurant in St‑Laurent was the target of firebombing early Wednesday morning. TVA says it was the second restaurant firebombing in the area within two days.

            • Kate 09:57 on 2022-11-09 Permalink | Reply  

              Maxime Canuel, the art teacher stabbed last year at John F Kennedy high school, says he may never teach again after the trauma of having a student attack him in the classroom.

              • Ephraim 10:58 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

                Few teachers know that if they feel threatened or they are threatened, even verbally, even by parents, they can go and lay charges with the police. At that point, it is very difficult to fight and the school has no choice but to move that student to another school… they can no longer enter the building. The principal/administrator will never tell a teacher this, because of course it makes it complete impossible for them to intervene, because they have no choices

              • qatzelok 11:25 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

                Elvis Gratton is toxic in many ways.

                Many Canadians are eager to follow American trends and American cultural norms. I wonder if weekly school shootings (and a media pushing private schools) will be a future trend here too.

              • Kate 12:58 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

                But Ephraim, that man has already been attacked and has undoubtedly already been to court to testify in the case against his student, who in any case is now in juvie for 2 years, not back in class. It doesn’t mean he necessarily feels threatened by any other specific student, but presumably has some kind of general post‑traumatic stress – as the article says – to do with turning his back on the class while writing or drawing on the board, for example. His issue probably can’t be helped by moving him to another school.

              • Ephraim 15:38 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

                @Kate – I do realize that. I’m mentioning it for any other teachers out there (present or future), so that they should know their rights. (So should the parents.) Management won’t tell teachers about their rights, they would need to inquire with union reps, who may not know the law. This is actually related to CNESST rules. See https://www.cnesst.gouv.qc.ca/en/prevention-and-safety/healthy-workplace/harassment-workplace

                Some parents don’t realize that even if they threaten a teacher, the student can be refused at that school

              • dhomas 18:12 on 2022-11-09 Permalink

                This is good to know, thanks Ephraim. My wife is a teacher. Last year, the day after that stabbing, a student at her school brought a bullet to school. It incited a panic at the school as other students thought that if there was a bullet, there was a gun. That student got nothing more than an “in-house suspension”, because the principal thought it was more harmful to send them home since there must be a bad home environment. My wife was incensed that there were no further repercussions, especially after hearing about the stabbing story.

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