Del Balso: some light on the killing – maybe

Some explication here, possibly, on Monday’s killing of Francesco Del Balso who must have known there was a price on his head. That Del Balso had changed allegiance from the Rizzuto faction to the Hells Angels is mentioned here and elsewhere, but not explained.

Del Balso couldn’t leave the country because his passport was confiscated in March, but that makes me wonder about two things: he was born in Italy, so did he also have an Italian passport and, if so, could Canadian authorities take that away too?

Also, if the authorities are aware that a man is under threat, but they limit his exit options by taking his passport, are they not implicitly throwing him to the wolves? A person on parole and/or facing charges is not normally allowed to leave the country, but this man was under a well‑defined threat.

I suppose he could have worn a disguise and gone to live quietly in some suburb – but he didn’t.