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  • Kate 11:41 on 2022-08-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Sunday’s Pride parade has been abruptly cancelled because of a lack of security personnel. It was supposed to start at 1 pm.

    • Kate 11:38 on 2022-08-07 Permalink | Reply  

      Experts expect an eighth wave of Covid this fall, but this time it will be different because we’ve learned to “live with the virus.”

      • Kate 08:59 on 2022-08-07 Permalink | Reply  

        It was, as Radio-Canada says wryly, a busy night: near midnight, a car was shot at in Rivière‑des‑Prairies, although the driver wasn’t hit. Later, around 4, three men were injured in two separate stabbing incidents near the corner of Crescent and Ste‑Catherine.

        • Kate 21:52 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

          France also has a problem with Kevin.

          • JP 22:50 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

            This is the first I’m hearing of this and I don’t know why but I find it so surprising that a name like Kevin would end up being looked down upon.

          • Kevin 23:37 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

            It’s okay, I’m used to it 😉

            And the final season of Kevin can F$&% himself starts in a few weeks.

          • dhomas 06:32 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            Also? What problem does Montreal or Quebec have with Kevin? Did I miss something?
            I’ve been working for French companies for about 12 years, so I know about the name Kevin. There are other names that elicit a response from the French. I once hired an employee called Bryan and every single time I would say his name to one of my French colleagues, I would get the response “Where is Bryan? Bryan is in the kitchen!”. (

          • steph 07:17 on 2022-08-07 Permalink


            Also I’ve known some anglophone Kevins that have had problems with the quebec government francizing their names to Kévin, (They’ve also done it to my name, changing mine to stéph, ugh.)

          • Kate 09:58 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            steph, my sister had a female friend whose name was Jean Mary, and the Quebec government persisted in giving her a health card marked as male.

          • Chris 10:50 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            For a minute Kate, your summary had me thinking “our” Kevin had made international news. 🙂

          • Robert H 11:32 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            @dhomas, Ha ha! Mystery solved! My college linguistics professor would have had a field day parsing the significance or process by which names acquire a cultural symbolism that resonates across language, time and distance. Which is academese for this stuff is deep. I feel pretty safe myself, a minor benefit of my extremely common given plus family names. Most anglo-based directories would yield at least 20 with MY name. It sounds like a fellow who would show up at the TOWIE/Jersey Shore backyard party on steph’s video link in a three-piece suit. Calisse! C’est Bob! Viens t’asseoir, mange d’la marde! It’s all mixed up with class, zeitgeist and image and one day someone says your name or that of someone you know, people start laughing and cracking jokes, and you think, “huh!?”

          • Meezly 11:34 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            Maybe with the global popularity of the Despicable Me franchise it also didn’t help that the main Minion is called Kevin.

          • Robert H 11:43 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            @Kate, I would have thought your sister’s friend would have had a bigger problem being continually confused with someone named Jeanne-Marie.

          • DeWolf 11:47 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            @dhomas, in Quebec, Kevin is associated with macho blowhards who drive pick-up trucks and listen to Radio X. Same with Steve. Although “those” kinds of Steves and Kevins often spell their name Steeve and Keveun.

            La Presse had an article on the phenomenon in 2018:


          • Joey 11:47 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

            Have they not seen this in France?


        • Kate 19:15 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

          The finale of the fireworks festival – dedicated to the works of the band Genesis – will close the Jacques‑Cartier bridge Saturday evening.

          • Kate 19:11 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

            A man was injured, not very seriously, in a shooting in Montreal North on Friday evening.

            CTV has a couple of maps showing gunfire hot spots in town, and citing Ted Rutland saying that simply throwing a lot of money at the cops is not the solution.

            • Kate 18:54 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

              The odd thing about this report about a firebombing at the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse office downtown is not so much that it happened, as that it happened last Sunday and is only reported nearly a week later.

              • Kate 16:27 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

                It’s a hot day for errands, but even in a short excursion along Jarry I noticed two things:

                SQDC store plastered with EN GRÈVE stickers. The store is not on this list of unionized stores, though, and people were coming and going as if not crossing a notional picket line.

                Small Fido store with its window boarded up – presumably broken by some of the high-end phone robbers we’ve seen reports on before.

                Didn’t get photos – words will have to do.

                • Kate 13:00 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

                  The two big things this weekend: the tennis tournament and the pride parade Sunday along René-Lévesque.

                  • Kate 09:58 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

                    A Montreal gynecologist has lost his licence to practice after decades of complaints about inappropriate remarks made to patients.

                    A woman in Saguenay who went to get the morning‑after pill was told by a pharmacist that he would not dispense it because it went against his religious convictions. Is a pharmacist allowed to block access to legally available medications because of their personal principles? It seems so.

                    • jeather 10:51 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

                      Can’t have your head covered while you’re teaching in a public school named after Jesus, but you can prevent people from getting their legally prescribed medications if you claim it’s religious.

                    • Kate 11:11 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

                      It’s been noted that the woman who gave François Legault his recent Covid booster, and was photographed doing it, is wearing hijab. (Presumably she’d be a technician, not a nurse?)

                    • MtlWeb 15:16 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

                      The Bill 21 rule does not apply to health care staff even though, in 2013, the PQ’s charter of values as presented by Drainville did target all public service employees including those in health care.

                    • steph 07:22 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

                      This is ridiculous. They should be out of business (if not rocks thrown in their windows)

                    • Chris 10:53 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

                      Careful steph, advocating violence against someone for their religious convictions can get you in trouble. Seriously.

                    • Kate 11:55 on 2022-08-07 Permalink

                      steph, if nothing else, Jean Coutu ought to be vetting the people they hire and making sure they don’t have personal issues with dispensing the full range of meds that are legally available.

                  • Kate 09:07 on 2022-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

                    A swimmer is missing and presumed drowned Friday afternoon in the currents near Habitat 67.

                    • Kate 12:00 on 2022-08-05 Permalink | Reply  

                      Media have various reactions to this week’s triple shootings.

                      TVA says the city suffered 36 hours of terror, but also interviewed the dead suspect’s brother who completely refuses to believe that Abdulla Shaikh could have carried out the killings. They also look into the matter of Shaikh having been freed from psychiatric confinement despite concerns about the risk: this latter piece also has photos and identification of the three victims and a timeline of Shaikh’s psychiatric history.

                      La Presse talks to the head of the Quebec order of criminologists, who says the treatment and followup of those found not criminally responsible due to mental illness is not well handled. They also tell us that public safety minister Geneviève Guilbault will be having words with the police chiefs.

                      Updating: Radio-Canada says Shaikh had threatened to kill workers in the psychiatric unit at Laval’s Cité‑de‑la‑Santé, and CTV says he used an illegally obtained firearm. François Legault wants to know why he was freed when he was thought to be a public risk.

                      The Gazette and TVA both talked to Mohsen Belhaj, the brother of one of the murdered men, whose decision to take the bus that night instead of driving turned out to be a fateful one, as he was shot at a bus stop. Radio‑Canada talked to a sister and a friend of the youngest victim, Alex Levis-Crevier.

                      Abdulla Shaikh’s lawyer is called François Legault. (I heard this on the radio and thought the news reader had made a slip, but it’s true.) He was not best pleased to hear his namesake say on TV “Je suis content qu’on se soit débarrassé de cet individu-là.”

                      • Kate 08:49 on 2022-08-05 Permalink | Reply  

                        We’re in for a hot muggy weekend.

                        Also, this weekend’s driving will be difficult.

                        • Moses 17:46 on 2022-08-06 Permalink

                          Was wondering why I didn’t get any heat warnings from the Environment Canada RSS feed, then a day’s worth of alerts arrived in a single minute. derp. Supposed to crash Sunday evening with rain, then 14°C on Monday.

                      • Kate 08:17 on 2022-08-05 Permalink | Reply  

                        Seems to be big news that Novak Djokovic is not coming to the tennis tournament opening Friday in Montreal because he refuses to get vaccinated against Covid. Bright boy.

                        TVA says Rafael Nadal won’t be here either after an abdominal injury.

                        • Bert 09:25 on 2022-08-05 Permalink

                          Maybe Rafa hurt his tummy because he was laughing to hard at Novak.

                      • Kate 20:43 on 2022-08-04 Permalink | Reply  

                        A woman who hailed a cab downtown and paid with her debit card found she was scammed of almost $10K after the driver handed her back a fake card.

                        • Ephraim 21:49 on 2022-08-04 Permalink

                          First thing you do in a taxi, take a picture of their licence. Nothing puts a driver on notice faster. Anywhere in the world.

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