EMSB will comply with Bill 21

No surprise here: the EMSB will comply with Bill 21 and exclude teachers who wear visible signs of their beliefs.

In related news, Quebec says parents can’t pull their kids out of classes in which the teacher is wearing a religious symbol, which in this case – as it overwhelmingly does – means a hijab. Fifty parents signed an open letter in Le Devoir demanding the right to a strictly secular school. (It’s interesting that some of the signatories are people likely to have come from majority-Muslim countries.)

Glancing at the CSDM site, I see that some of these students will be going to École Christ‑Roi, École Coeur‑Immaculé‑de‑Marie, any of five Notre‑Dame‑de‑ci‑et‑de‑ça, and an entire litany of saints from Saint‑Albert‑le‑Grand to Saint‑Zotique. But that’s not a problem.

Update Thursday: This piece clarifies that the EMSB chose not to vote on the issue, thus passively assenting to the law.