Vandals target Asian community

I’ve not seen this reported yet in mainstream media. The Asian community is being targeted, presumably because of coronavirus. The points below were posted Monday by Louis Le, whose page is not open to non-Facebook users, but he encourages people to pass the news along.

  • 3 weeks ago, the Quan Am temple got vandalized by a hooded individual that smashed the lions head at the gate with a sledgehammer. It got attacked again as of recently.
  • Chinatown’s gate lions got hit yesterday.
  • Thien Ton’s temple got hit yesterday.
  • Huyen Khong’s temple has been vandalized twice recently.

Narcity, not a source I usually cite, reports the story with saddening pictures of damaged and destroyed artifacts.

The Quan Am temple in Côte-des-Neiges, Thien Ton in Little Italy and Huyen Khong in Rosemont are all Vietnamese Buddhist institutions, so the vandals clearly can’t even distinguish between China and Vietnam. Also, according to the latest data I can find, Vietnam has 16 cases of coronavirus compared to China’s 67,000 (not that the numbers would justify any abuse).

Update: Wednesday morning, Radio-Canada covers the story and says police are treating the vandalism as a hate crime.