Coronavirus: Lots of stories

The weather is turning warmish Wednesday and will stay warmer for days. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit tricky keeping people locked down as spring comes.

People have officially caught COVID-19 from community transmission, which probably means there are a lot more that haven’t yet been tested. Hundreds are being turned away from the clinics who don’t meet the criteria for getting tested, which are listed in this item.

A homeless man was tested earlier this week then allowed to “go home” to wait, which for him meant walking around town since he had no home to go to. When the test came back positive, police had to look for him, and they did manage to find him – in a line outside the Old Brewery Mission – and bring him to hospital.

Five old people in a north-end CHSLD have tested positive for the virus.

People with Opus à l’année will be reimbursed for April.

Retailers are despairing at keeping their businesses viable over this obligatory closure. Radio‑Canada talked to florists, a trade considered nonessential, who have been throwing out the flowers they can no longer sell.

The Queen Elizabeth Hotel has lit up some rooms to make a heart over René-Lévesque. Speaking of royalty, Prince Charles has the rona.