Election update 13 July

(I’m going to put municipal election pieces under one daily post for now. Some other method may be needed later.)

Verdun councillor Véronique Tremblay has left Ensemble to join Projet. The Gazette notes that a second Ensemble councillor, Pierre L’Heureux, elected in 2017, has also chosen to run in Verdun this time with Plante.

Ralliement pour Montréal mayoral candidate Marc-Antoine Desjardins wants to charge motorists to cross Mount Royal. Jean-François Cloutier, who gave up on his attempt to start a party called Équité Montréal, is giving his support (such as it is) to Ralliement. I suppose one shouldn’t laugh at these splinter parties, because over time they can grow to be forces in the land (cough ADQ cough).