Lisée claims cultural genocide

Jean-François Lisée has exceeded himself Saturday, claiming to be a victim of cultural genocide.

La Presse’s Isabelle Hachey suggests looking at the real world, where she speaks to two teachers of French at an English CEGEP about the “improvised” quality of Bill 96.

It seems to be mostly anglos who have analyzed the bill piece by piece and are unsettled by items like how it unilaterally amends the Canadian constitution and the gives the OLF powers of warrantless search and seizure – a terrifying power that far exceeds the needs of a linguistic investigation.

I still don’t know how I’m going to prove I’m a “historic Anglo”. Yes, I was born here and went to school in two English school commissions, but both are defunct, and my father was born in England, which might qualify me as a first-generation Canadian and thus fair game.

I also still go on feeling that since I pay federal taxes, I should be protected by the whole Canadian constitution, and not only the bits the Quebec government cherrypicks for political advantage.