Place Émilie-Gamelin: an area in ruins

The announcement of the closure of Archambault’s original flagship store has sparked a piece by Philippe Teisceira‑Lessard on the decrepitude of the environs of Place Émilie-Gamelin.

As I recall, developers had bought out the whole block shown in the photo at the top of the story. Amir, Da Giovanni, L’Escalier, they didn’t go away because the neighbourhood turned bad. They were pushed out. And now the pandemic plus the sheltering of homeless folks in the hotel has made that block an unpropitious setting for a new condo building.

How long did it take between the ruin of the Seville and the construction of a new building, between the demolition of the Spectrum and a new project on that corner?

Update to add: Radio-Canada has a piece that’s an echo of La Presse’s on the situation around Place Émilie‑Gamelin.