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  • Kate 18:49 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

    The theoretical reduction of carbon emissions vaunted by Formula One is called into question as it’s pointed out that only a tiny fraction of the sport’s emissions are from the vehicles themselves during the race. Transporting the equipment, travels by the sport’s employees and other operational items account for most of it.

    Part of the stage being erected on Crescent Street collapsed on Wednesday. The Journal complains about construction sites downtown. Nonetheless, the mayor says the city is ready for the event.

    The city’s hotels are putting up higher security to keep out the homeless.

    • Ian 19:24 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

      TVA has so many popups now it’s essentially unviewable on a phone. I get that advertising supports news but if you can’t even read the story… the ux team must be just dying, if there even is one.

    • CE 19:50 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

      I agree, what is the point of having ads if people are going to get so annoyed with them, they won’t even go to the site. I won’t even click on a Gazette link anymore because the website (on mobile and desktop) is so cluttered and forces autoplay videos even if the story itself doesn’t have a video.

    • Kate 19:53 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

      Interesting. I do most of my blogging on a Mac desktop in a browser that isn’t running ad blockers, on purpose. I don’t see this torrent of ads. (Unless Safari filters them by default.)

      TVA has weaknesses but it does a more thorough job of chasing local crime and incident stories than any other media platform here. So I must ask indulgence for linking it.

    • Ian 19:57 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

      To be fair, I use ad blockers on desktop.

      From that last link,

      «Avec la fermeture de plusieurs toilettes publiques, les itinérants vont utiliser les hôtels et vont essayer quelque fois d’aller voler de la nourriture sur les buffets des restaurants, aller se trouver un coin pour y passer la nuit ou juste se promener», indique le PDG par intérim de l’Association, Éric Hamel.

      Uh… “ou juste se promener” ? Homeless people just existing is a problem now? What a jerk. May as well say “We detest the poors, stay away from downtown while me and my equals swan around celebrating our excesses”. Like yeah I get it, you don’t want people swarming buffets or harassing terrasses but you can’t say that the homeless can’t even exist. Guess why homelessness exists, you capitalist pig.

    • Ian 20:00 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

      Oh of course – in no way am I dissing your curation. You do amazing, much appreciated work.

    • Kevin 10:04 on 2024-06-07 Permalink

      Reader view goes a long way towards cutting down on the enshittification of TVA and the Gazette’s web sites.

      In my experience ads and popups were imposed by managers who didn’t even see them because they’re looking through app versions of the site, not the browser version.

    • Orr 12:27 on 2024-06-07 Permalink

      Without requiring any browser extensions or reader-view hacks, both the Mtl Gazette and the TVA’s sister publication Journal de Montreal (and many other otherwise paywalled newspapers) can be viewed digital-ad-free in e-newspaper-edition format via the Banq (ie grande bibliotheque) website using the pressreader portal.

    • Kate 15:37 on 2024-06-07 Permalink

      I don’t doubt it, Orr, but I won’t be linking to stories through that portal.

    • Uatu 17:12 on 2024-06-07 Permalink

      Gotta keep out the homeless from the hotels because they have to put on a good image for all the sex tourism coming to town

  • Kate 18:04 on 2024-06-06 Permalink  

    Radio‑Canada spent three days in the pro‑Palestinian encampment at McGill.

    Thursday, students began an occupation of the James administration building.

    • Kate 14:45 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

      The Maison Benoît-Labre safe drug consumption site in St‑Henri has been put on pause after nine staffers quit. It’s supposed to be closed for a week, but it would not surprise me if it never reopens, or if it does, it’s with a different mandate and no drug consumption allowed on site.

      • Kate 12:50 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

        Paul Arcand, one of Quebec’s most popular radio hosts, is quitting the job on 98,5 FM and will do his last show on June 14. Patrick Lagacé will replace him as morning man starting in the fall.

        • Kate 12:45 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

          Andrei Donet, convicted in the murder of Jannai Dopwell‑Bailey in 2021, has been sentenced to life, with no chance of parole before 13 years are up.

          • Kate 10:04 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

            All the equipment to run a Grand Prix race weighs 1.2 million kg. But it seems that the GP gets a free pass here in environmental terms.

            • Kate 09:22 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

              Three temperature records have been broken in three days this week.

              • Kate 09:04 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                Formula One driver Lance Stroll did a potted guide to a weekend in Montreal for the BBC. No surprises, although I rarely see the Bell Centre listed as one of the city’s highlights.

                Editing to add: Taylor C. Noakes dissects the article. A commenter on that X thread suggests the BBC piece might have been written by AI.

                • Tim S. 10:04 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  I guess it shows reasonable local cred that he went for Lesters’ and REAL Bagel over the other options. Though confusing Sherbrooke for Crescent was a bit of a goof.

                • Kate 10:09 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  No kidding. Anyone heading to Sherbrooke Street (any part of it) looking for a party will be confused.

                • Nicholas 13:01 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  Tbf there’s usually an F1 car outside the Ritz. But Crescent is the main drag, though de Maisonneuve is closed too, including to even walking your bike sometimes. They really need a temporary bike lane on Sherbrooke or another street.

                • Blork 13:47 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  Fascinating that the best outdoor experience in Montreal is Mont Tremblant. :-/

                • Joey 14:23 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  Tell me more, BBC, about our rugged mountain backdrops. Anyway, this list would be objectively terrible but it’s redeemed by the inclusion of REAL Bagel. Deep cut FTW!

                  Offhand, does Lester’s do their smoking in-house?

                • Ian 14:41 on 2024-06-06 Permalink

                  Yes, they have a smoker off-island. Real smoked meat unlike Schwartz.

              • Kate 08:46 on 2024-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                Police have found the body of the man who drove his car into the Back River on Sunday morning. TVA says the driver was only 20.

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