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  • Kate 20:06 on 2024-06-17 Permalink  

    The pro-Palestinian encampment at McGill is holding what it calls a revolutionary youth summer program that uses a photo from 1970 of members of the PLO reading Mao’s Little Red Book and holding rifles. The SPVM, while still not displacing the camp, says it’s investigating.

    CBC has a report on police response to heightened hate crimes and hate incidents since October.

    • Kate 19:36 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

      Only one third of the city’s outdoor pools are open as the heat wave descends, expected to end late Thursday or early Friday.

      • Kate 18:58 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

        A teenager was stabbed near a Montreal North high school on Monday afternoon. TVA says the principal suspect is 12 years old but the anglo media are only saying he’s a minor.

        • Kate 17:10 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

          Le Devoir’s investigative duo of Améli Pineda and Stéphanie Vallet looked into incidences of sexual or domestic violence by police and found that half the criminal charges faced by police officers in the last five years were connected with domestic or sexual violence – a rate twice that of the general population.

          They also investigated what happens when a police officer is accused of domestic or sexual violence – and, often, the officer is able to shake off the accusations with a promise of good behaviour.

          Tuesday, a further piece by the duo looks at how police close ranks in solidarity with colleagues accused of crime.

          • jeather 10:13 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

            ” l’ignorance totale du gouvernement et des autorités concernées, qui ne tiennent aucun registre en la matière.”
            This isn’t accidental. I did mention this when I said the other day that assuming that police here are like police in the US, the best way they could reduce crime is by not committing it themselves. And we know that people are much less likely to complain about crimes committed against them by a cop, to a cop, and I assume that prosecution here is also less likely to push ahead.

            Love the cops who used their extra powers to stalk/abuse/harass people and said that of course when they were cops they were bastions of respectability, and the judges who believe them.

        • Kate 15:38 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

          The latest report from the city auditor general, leaked to La Presse, says there are not nearly as many inspections of social housing as there should be, meaning that some tenants are living in slums.

          The same document was leaked to Le Devoir, as mentioned in this piece about how the auditor general was displeased how much independence was being displayed by the OCPM.

          • Kate 13:58 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

            Three men were stabbed in St‑Léonard on Sunday night, nonfatally. The three showed up at a hospital looking for help with their injuries, but there’s no story about how it came about.

            CTV’s photo to this story shows a bearded man’s face with the caption “SPVM cruiser” which doesn’t aid in understanding.

            • MarcG 08:19 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

              Maybe the photo was supposed to be with their story on cops and sexual violence.

            • dhomas 08:20 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

              The link no longer works. Even if you google the headline, the link Google provides doesn’t work. Looks like CTV did something on their end.
              Here is the story from CityNews:

            • Amy Luft 10:41 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

              Hi, I’m the digital news supervising producer at CTV News Montreal. We’re having a recent issue with overwritten photos reverting to the original image (one we had previously deleted).
              I’m going through about a dozen of them today to hopefully resolve the problem. Feel free to reach out to the web desk, though, if you ever see it again: montrealdigitalnews@bellmedia.ca. Thanks.

            • Kate 10:56 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

              Amy, I will do that if I spot any others that look wrong.

              dhomas, the link is back.

            • Ian 11:56 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

              Hm I wonder if bellmedia uses cloudflare … or if it’s a load balancing cache error…

          • Kate 11:17 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

            Le Devoir editor Brian Myles dissects the city’s recently launched Plan d’urbanisme et de mobilité and finds it laudable, if overambitious given the circumstances.

            • Kate 08:57 on 2024-06-17 Permalink | Reply  

              Monday morning, it’s mostly about the impending heat wave and what to do about it.

              The Gazette has a list of five beaches accessible by public transit. Catch is, there’s no water access at three of them. Not listed is the beach at Cap St‑Jacques, which I suppose is fair, because although technically accessible by transit, it’s a long ride from the centre of town plus a hike through the woods to get there. But at least you can get into the water.

              • Sweatyyy 10:35 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                All the city seems capable of offering is ‘splash pads’ and a couple of ‘misters’ here and there there’s ‘cooling centres’ were folks can’t spend the night, sent back to oven hot apartments since the nights are hot too now , we have even *less* outdoor pools open than ten years ago, *less* trees, no plans to build more outdoor pools, no plans to increase or make safe access to the fleuve indoors pool aren’t covid safe feels like the city is being run people who never leave their AC’d SUVs

              • jeather 10:35 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                Gotta love the Time Out post, which suggests going to the Time Out restaurant, or maybe a beach an 8 hour drive away.

              • Joey 10:51 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                I think Laurier Pool is opening exceptionally this week due to the heat wave.

              • Ian 11:06 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                Yeah I get the newsletter.

                “Ouverture devancée de la piscine Laurier
                En raison de la canicule annoncée dans les prochains jours, la piscine et la pataugeoire du parc Laurier ouvriront de manière anticipée du mardi 18 au vendredi 21 juin avec un horaire spécial, de midi à 20 h 30. L’ouverture officielle avec l’horaire habituel de 10 h 30 à 20 h est prévue pour le 22 juin.”

                Perhaps also of use:

              • Blork 11:20 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                …and don’t forget TimeOut’s helpful reminder to wear deodorant if you go to a library.

              • walkerp 11:24 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                *fewer* not *less*
                Fewer is for quantity of discrete items that you can count, less is for collective nouns.
                There is less water in the pool. There are fewer pools in the city.

                And I’m not sure about there being fewer trees than 10 years ago. There has been lots of planting.
                And if you are worried about covid in indoor pools, you are just creating a blocker for yourself. The Y has free family hours and free lane swims and I never caught covid there doing it non-stop since they re-opened.

              • AMF 11:36 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                Other city pools are open this week, from 4-7 PM. I know Confederation is for sure. Longer hours start next week when school is out.

              • EmilyG 12:16 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                Cap St-Jacques isn’t too far from me. It’s just a part of a bus ride away. I guess it seems far from downtown/the city.

              • Blork 12:18 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                When it’s 35C the back yard seems too far away for me.

              • CE 13:24 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                There are definitely not fewer trees in the city than 10 years ago. The city is greener now than I’ve ever seen it.

                We absolutely could use more pools. Losing the pool in Parc Baldwin means a big and very dense part of the city doesn’t have access to a pool. It’s also a part of the city where very few people are going to have their own pools or AC in their homes. They really need to get to work on rebuilding it and putting pools in more parks.

              • MarcG 14:05 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                I know this is obvious to anyone with a brain but someone has to say it: all of this stuff is just putting bandaids on the hemorrhage that is climate change.

              • Ian 17:22 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                Hey in the 80s we were all certain we were going to die any second in a nuclear holocaust – or be really unlucky and survive the intial blast only to slowly die of radiation poisoning in the ruins, in nuclear winter. And yet here we are. Maybe just go to the library if it gets too hot out tomorrow, ok? Drink lots of water.

              • Kate 17:32 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                EmilyG: I did write that Cap St‑J is “a long ride from the centre of town” because I know some people reading this might live in the West Island!

                I did the trip once – metro to Henri-Bourassa, then two entire bus routes end to end. Then the hike through the woods. I don’t even swim, but I felt an urge to go splash around in some natural water. In fact, what I remember most from the excursion was that for some reason I thought I could start on my way back by walking down Chemin de l’Anse à l’Orme, which turned out to be a) hostile to pedestrians and b) a longer way to the next bus stop than I could have imagined.

                Now I just run some cold water over my person when the weather turns scorchy.

              • Ian 17:47 on 2024-06-17 Permalink

                For free shoreline stuff easy to get to by STM, there are options.

                If you take the Sherbrooke bus out to Mercier just past the east terminal port facility there’s a nice “beach” for a couple of kilometres that is basically rocky shoreline/ demolition landfill, the shoreline of Honoré-Mercier and Promenade Bellerive parks. It’s actually quite pleasant, quiet, and shady. You can watch the birds flying out over the water and see the lakers coming in. Lots of people fishing. There’s also the ferry if you want a river cruise.

                There’s also Parc de la Merci in Ahuntsic right at the north end of Acadie, or Parc de la Visitation at the north end of Papineau, both with nice little quiet beaches. Both have lovely islands and bridges, and you can see ducks and geese and other birds. I’ve seen otters in Parc de la Visitation.

              • MarcG 09:50 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

                Big sleepover at the library Wednesday night! With friends like this who needs Koch Industries?

              • Ian 17:42 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

                Hey if you want to be miserable, nobody’s stopping you. Climate change is real but so’s heat stroke.

              • MarcG 20:31 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

                I have AC at home, I’m not miserable at all, but I’m not going to pretend it’s a long-term solution.

              • Ian 20:44 on 2024-06-18 Permalink

                I don’t have AC – why do you hate the environment?
                I mean I really don’t, I have a shady first floor that stays cool – but /s, let’s not make this place into a more-righteous-than-thou arena.

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