Plante vs Ferrandez – what it might mean

Does Valérie Plante dislike Luc Ferrandez, or is city-level Projet trying to distance itself in the public eye from Ferrandez’s record in the Plateau? This brief article hints at both possibilities but doesn’t reach a conclusion. Plays video.

(The odd thing is that Ferrandez’s record is a pretty good one – certain media have leaned hard on the notion his administration is hostile to cars and bad for business, but there’s no real evidence for that.)

Plante says there’s no problem between her and Ferrandez, merely that she’s spent her campaigning time in places where she has to work harder to win.

In other news, Projet has promised to repeal the pitbull ban.

It will be possible to vote starting this Friday at various poll headquarters, and on Sunday there will be advance polls open in many more places. The main poll is on Sunday, November 5.

This year I won’t be working in the election.