Woman seeks $20,000 after pothole

A Montreal woman is going after the city for $20,000 after a pothole on Rosemont Boulevard ate her front bike wheel and flung her onto the ground, breaking her teeth and nose.

If you get hurt on city property you only have 15 days to file, but sometimes there’s restitution. A woman I know was running along the sidewalk on St‑Hubert in the evening a couple of years ago. City workers had put in metal studs to install some street furniture, but they’d left the job unfinished, with no cones or barriers marking off the area. My friend snagged her foot on one of them and fell sprawling on the ground. She was injured – hands, face, knees, general shock – and some of her clothes were ruined. She needed medical attention, lost work days. She made a claim and did get something, I think around $1,200, because despite being shaken up she had kept her head and made photos of the area to support the claim she fully intended to make.

Some notes on recourse from the city from Radio-Canada, in text and audio.