Quebec puts money into housing

Still refusing to admit there’s a housing crisis, Quebec is putting $60 million into subsidizing housing for people left stranded this Moving Day.

I’ve recently become aware, through some work I’m doing, of the startling number of flats left empty around my neighbourhood in Villeray. I don’t mean Airbnb type rentals, although I see those too, but places where the whole flat, sometimes the entire plex, is standing empty and clearly has been uninhabited for some time.

I understand that if a landlord leaves a place fallow for a year they can charge a much higher rent, but these places don’t look fixed up – if anything, they look abandoned, often partly stripped of doors or paint, like someone failed to get funding for a renovation. But I can’t explain it. You can get a grand a month now for even a minimally functional living space in a nice neighbourhood, so why are these landlords leaving these spaces empty?