CMM wants to reduce garbage

The urban agglomeration is planning to consult on how to reduce garbage at the source. One of the things mentioned is to “encadrer” advertising flyers, something the city has already tried to do, and already been thwarted in.

Reducing packaging and single-use plastic is already under consideration – easy to say, not so easy to do. Most food for sale is protected by a film of plastic, and it would be hard to convince people to buy food that’s not presented in that way, and might not even be legal in some cases.

Lots of habits need to be changed, and it’s possible, but it’s not easy. I remember before recycling it was a credo that you couldn’t get Quebecers to recycle. But here we are. (It was also a credo that you’d never get us to obey laws about smoking indoors – and yet, here we are.) The CMM needs to choose its priorities.

Despite this, the city has been declared the most environmentally responsible destination in North America for visitors. Who would, most likely, fly here…