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  • Kate 22:31 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Plante is proposing to increase fines for parking illegally in handicap spots or in bus lanes, but Ensemble is somehow blocking the motion, with Arif Salem bringing out a tiny violin over fining people who can’t afford food (but can somehow afford to own and run a car).

    A couple of things puzzle me here, which is: since Projet has a majority, how can Ensemble block them, and why is it that parking laws are not the same in all parts of town. Is it that such a change has to be made borough by borough so that an Ensemble‑dominated council can block it?

    • DeWolf 22:50 on 2022-12-21 Permalink

      I don’t think Ensemble is able to block the motion, they’re just voting against it and Plante is making a big deal of it.

      Salem seems to have inherited Perez’s strategy of opposing the Plante administration at all costs. What’s the political game here? Do they really think there’s a big group of voters who think people should be allowed to park in handicapped spots?

    • Joey 09:48 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      What DeWolf said. The main thrust of the opposition argument, as was stated here by Kevin IIRC, is that the city should hire more ticketing agents before raising fines. Why not both?

    • Kate 10:13 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      What happened to the squad they used to call the Green Onions? They ticketed parking infractions only, but they somehow came into existence even though I bet the police brotherhood wasn’t keen. I don’t think I’ve seen any in operation for a long time, although as a non-driver I may not have been paying attention.

    • Spi 10:31 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      If I remember correctly the academic research is pretty clear on this subject, there is a much greater reduction when the odds of being fined/caught are increased than when the penalty for doing so is. If $234 ticket wasn’t a big enough deterrent then I doubt the extra $37 makes any difference besides putting more money in the city’s coffers.

    • Tim S. 11:02 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      They’re out there Kate, but they operate weirdly. I complained to one once about a car parked dangerously on the corner near me, and she explained that that wasn’t her beat – she only gave out to tickets to people parked in street cleaning zones.

      I lived in Philadelphia for awhile, and there the parking wardens work on foot and cover small, specific beats. And they are very, very efficient. I got two tickets even though I didn’t own a car at the time (one time a rental, the other an out of town guest).

    • Joey 11:53 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      Tim S., did you ever watch Parking Wars? It’s incredible. “CAN’T PARK NOWHERE IN PHILLY”

    • DeWolf 12:21 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      @Kate I see them all the time. But they’re fast and sneaky. And as Tim S., they seem to have specific briefs that they can’t diverge from.

      The one and only time I got a ticket is when I rented a car and parked it right in front of my place in a vignette zone. It’s residents only except from 11pm to 9am, and it was 10pm so I gambled and thought I’d be safe. The next morning I discovered a ticket had been issued 20 minutes after I had parked the car.

      Since then I never take any chances. Maybe some people are rich enough to brush off $90+ as the cost of parking wherever you want, but not me.

    • Tim S. 16:34 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      Joey: a few episodes. Philly is special in its way.

      Strict enforcement also leads to a kind of fatalism. A friend owed hundreds of dollars in parking tickets at any given moment (on a grad school stipend) and didn’t seem too bothered. Just another way Americans get nickled and dimed.

      (Of course, also very American that she owned a car at all, given that she lived in the middle of a dense city a 25 minute walk from school)

  • Kate 22:24 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Most of our media sites have items on the huge storm we’re about to get, after it has wreaked havoc on the U.S. first. TVA is reporting that some flights have already been cancelled, beginning the almost inevitable snarl at Trudeau, and that Hydro-Quebec is bracing for the storm.

    I glanced over this storm piece on Time Out and was puzzled by the photo toward the bottom of the story. A snowy streetscape – but where was it taken?

    There aren’t enough snowy streetscapes of Montreal, apparently. That shot is from Minneapolis.

    • shawn 10:26 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      My brother – who is very different from me – he’s driving to Chicago right now. He’s one of those people who are addicted to driving around in cars.

      He’s doing it in a big SUV that he’s borrowed because he’s transporting three other people including a sick friend. I hope he makes it.

    • shawn 10:39 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

      And in case you’re wondering he’s already had a heart attack and is diabetic thanks to his sedentary life style. Anyway he’s driving into the maw of the storm.

  • Kate 22:05 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

    There was a guilty verdict Wednesday in the trial of Jeffrey Romel Nauzinor, accused of executing a man in front of his wife and kids in Lachine in 2019. Nauzinor will have to serve 25 years for the charge of murder in the first degree, while his two sidekicks were convicted of manslaughter.

    • Kate 19:13 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

      A document leaked to La Presse shows that the city has its eye on a piece of land near Habitat for housing with a view on the river. The city isn’t discussing it with journalists yet.

      • MarcG 09:09 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

        I’ve wondered about that private park area near Habitat where one of the projects might go. Since it’s next to a Mels building, I thought maybe it was used for shooting outdoor scenes, but it’s also near some condo/co-op buildings so perhaps it’s just their backyard.

      • Kate 10:15 on 2022-12-22 Permalink

        Awhile back I looked around in there. There were some old relics of Expo 67, including a thing that had been a fountain but was more or less falling apart. There were signs saying trespass at your own risk – there was definitely a hazardous hole near the fountain. But people were more or less using the area like a park. That situation may have changed in ten years.

    • Kate 14:12 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

      Galyna Legenkovska, the mother of the girl killed last week in a hit‑and‑run, thanked Montrealers for their support and said she has sympathy for the man accused in the incident. A funeral was held Wednesday morning.

      • Kate 09:08 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

        A recent study shows that 80% of the workplace injuries in Montreal happen to immigrants. Article explains reasons why.

        • Kate 09:00 on 2022-12-21 Permalink | Reply  

          There were a dozen demonstrations during COP15 but not a single arrest.

          Place d’Armes metro station is reopening Wednesday.

          Both Radio-Canada and Le Devoir have recaps of how the meeting arrived at the agreement, Le Devoir’s in the form of a podcast.

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