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  • Kate 22:52 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Angrignon metro station now has elevators, making it the 24th accessible station in the system.

    • PatrickC 13:51 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

      The criticism that the elevator cars are too small is well taken, even if there are space limitations to be dealt with. It’s not just the disabled that have difficulty with long flights of stairs. And was there really no alternative at Mont-Royal to having to change from one elevator to another on the northbound side?

    • Kate 17:35 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

      I doubt they would have frivolously multiplied the difficulties and cost, but I have not seen any explanation why that was so.

  • Kate 22:49 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Found this mentioned on Twitter: the Indigenous Village at COP15, an installation at the Old Port this weekend.

    • Kate 21:49 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

      The city’s canine population is up, as are reports of dog bites. I’m not clear what statistic was counted, but the piece notes that nearly half of Montreal’s households include at least one pet.

      (The federal census didn’t ask about pets, even the long form.)

      • Kate 20:48 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Ted Rutland has a terse and well‑supported piece in CultMTL laying out how much the city is overfunding the police.

        • Ephraim 13:44 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

          Oh, I would LOVE to go through their budget with a fine tooth comb. I’d stop the repainting, because they should have never changed from white. The uniforms… let them go back to clown pants, they were cheaper! Let’s charge them to park in the parking lots, as per tax law. We can save on gas by ensuring that they don’t leave their jurisdictions. And we can save on their overtime by teaching a non-police corp to direct traffic, freeing them up to do their actual job. Oh and how much could we save with fillable PDF files 🙂

      • Kate 20:40 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Two youths suspected in recent violent street robberies were arrested in St‑Calixte. Can I say that I was glad to read they were 18 and 19 years old and thus will be tried as adults?

        • Kate 19:47 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

          A fairly large student demonstration was held Friday afternoon against COP15, with a lot of police keeping an eye on it. Protesters feel that these meetings are all talk, in which targets are agreed on then never met. It’s difficult to argue with that when it’s true.

          A city-sanctioned march for biodiversity and human rights will be held Saturday at 1 pm, starting at the Cartier monument.

          • Chris 15:14 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

            Fairly large? By what metric? I would call it pathetically small.

          • Kate 11:39 on 2022-12-11 Permalink

            As you will.

        • Kate 19:21 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

          Montreal’s Moroccans have been lit up with the progress of their national team at the World Cup. Having defeated Spain on penalties Tuesday, the Morocco team reached the quarter‑finals and will face Portugal on Saturday morning. As someone points out in the item, Morocco is now holding the hopes of many, not only as the only African country but the only piece of the Islamic world still in the contest.

          Saturday afternoon we see the revival of a centuries‑old rivalry as England faces France.

          Incidentally, Canada shouldn’t feel too bad about its defeat by Croatia. That team defeated Brazil on Friday – also on penalties, but even so. Not a country that first comes to mind when you think soccer, Croatia is one of the smallest countries to reach a World Cup final, which it did against France in 2018.

          I’m hoping for just a little honking, whoever wins Saturday’s matches.

          Update near noon Saturday: Morocco just beat Portugal and progressed to the semi‑finals.

          • Kevin 23:39 on 2022-12-09 Permalink

            The goalposts and crossbars have been a significant 12th man in these games n

          • dwgs 08:23 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

            Sorry Kate but Croatia has reached the semi final, they need to beat Argentina to get to the final. Still a remarkable achievement though.

          • Kate 11:11 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

            Maybe I didn’t write clearly? Croatia reached the final in 2018.

          • dwgs 12:09 on 2022-12-10 Permalink

            oops, maybe I didn’t read clearly before coffee. Sorry.

        • Kate 19:09 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

          Police have reopened a 26‑year‑old cold case: in 1996, a young woman called Patricia Ferguson vanished in Pointe‑aux‑Trembles. It’s mentioned here that there have been new developments in the case, but nothing about what they are.

          • Kate 17:14 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

            Things to do on the weekend from CultMTL, CityCrunch, more to come.

            • Kate 16:33 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

              Quebec has adopted its law making the oath to the King optional.

              The premier also blew off the tradition of an end‑of‑session press conference as the National Assembly rises for the Christmas break.

              • Kevin 23:41 on 2022-12-09 Permalink

                A year or three after the next election someone is going to fight a law in court and argue that it’s illegitimate because the MNAs never swore the correct oath.

            • Kate 16:31 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

              Radio-Canada looked into the hard lives of Inuit women living on Montreal’s streets.

              • Kate 09:38 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

                The city is considering changing some downtown zoning to make it possible to convert some office buildings to residential use, since the trend for remote or hybrid work is growing rather than fading away.

              • Kate 09:31 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

                CF Montreal is losing Ismaël Koné to Watford FC in England, and coach Wilfried Nancy to the Ohio team Columbus Crew.

                • Kate 09:20 on 2022-12-09 Permalink | Reply  

                  CBC’s Verity Stevenson talked to several people trying to preserve urban wildlife and their hopes for government help.

                  Radio-Canada’s Valérie Boisclair also looks at the story and about how the city plans to devote more space to preserving animal and insect species.

                  The Flickr Montreal faune/wildlife gives a sense of the many species around us in the Montreal area – for now.

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