Gentrification and its bad ideas

Gentrification is arriving in Park Ex like a steamroller, although I’m told the facts are somewhat different than given here: “The city voted $4.25 million for the bakery site but didn’t want to pay for decontamination, so after a year of trying to negotiate, the owner sold it as-is to Montoni for $4.7 million. All this information is public.”

Along with that jolly news comes the CAQ, saying it’s “studying” allowing landlords to demand a security deposit. If you know anyone living in a place where these are allowed, you’ll know that the tenant never gets them back. A landlord can always find a reason – you walked on these floors, you wore out the sink washers or the door hinges, there’s paint rubbed off this corner, look. But putting up an additional barrier to the worse off among us is par for the course for Legault & Cie.