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  • Kate 23:57 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

    There was a double shooting in Côte-St-Luc Saturday evening (TVA helpfully explaining it’s “une municipalité située dans l’ouest de l’île de Montréal”) when a man rang a doorbell then shot up the two young men inside. Police are still trying to track him down.

    Sunday morning, one of the victims is still in critical condition.

    • Kate 18:13 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

      I had no idea that marathon runners throw away a huge pile of sports clothing as a race starts, but they do, and the Maison du Père is going to pick it all up after the start on Sunday morning, and dole it out to people who need it. They’ll also get the unclaimed free snacks at the end.

      • Mr.Chinaski 09:14 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

        It’s hard when there is such a difference in temperature early in autumn, say 5-10C in the morning while it can go easily in the upper 20’s especially when running on hot asphalt. Most experienced runners will start with an upper shelf that you know is old and you would have given it anyway.

      • MarcG 09:27 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

        *upper shell?

      • Daisy 12:36 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

        When you are standing around waiting for the race to start you will be very cold if you wear only the clothes that you will be comfortable in during the race itself. I always buy a hoodie at a thrift store with the intention of shedding it right at the beginning or at the first aid station.

      • Kate 12:54 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

        That makes sense. (I’ve never undertaken anything like it, as you can probably tell…)

    • Kate 16:06 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

      Apparently it’s a big deal that Montreal is the only Canadian city to see the Bat-Signal Saturday evening, even though it’s being projected onto Place Dupuis rather than some grand monumental building.

      Update: Police shut the projection down quickly because of an incident in Émilie-Gamelin park involving a distraught man who had climbed up a structure (the flickr link above says it was a tree) and the square was cleared while they talked him down. I guess Batman was not much use in this crisis.

      • Mr.Chinaski 09:17 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

        Before people ask why they did it at Place Émilie-Gamelin, Warner Brothers is a company that has their Montreal HQ just in front at Place Dupuis. This is marketing disguised as a public event.

      • Kate 11:20 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

        That faintly crossed my mind, Mr. Chinaski, so thanks for pointing it out.

    • Kate 07:58 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

      A brave QMI journalist got himself hired at one of the firms that sorts recycling and found it was a pretty disgusting job and evidently many residents simply treat the recycling as a second garbage pickup.

      • Kate 07:55 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

        I wonder why CTV is floating the idea that the Conservatives could win St‑Léonard–St‑Michel next month, as it’s definitely a when‑pigs‑fly idea.

        • ant6n 15:17 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          I don’t think that the Conservatives have any chance anywhere in Montreal. So supporting the Liberals anywhere in Montreal in order to keep the Conservatives at bay doesn’t make any sense.

        • Ephraim 18:08 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          I see they gave up on winning Mount-Royal riding… they are running a no-name there.

        • Kate 18:32 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          They ran out of ex-mayors of Côte St-Luc.

        • Hamza 18:37 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          There is a concerted effort by all mainstream outlets *except* the CBC who seems to clearly see that this is the Liberals’ election to lose – to try and make something of this race and trash the Liberals as much as possible.

          See the Postmedia/Bell/Rogers corporate conservative Western alliance

        • Mr.Chinaski 09:23 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

          Candidat-poteau would have been a better word! It’s one of the highest % of PLC vote in Canada, higher than west-island ridings.

      • Kate 07:31 on 2019-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

        The CAQ’s Sonia LeBel, no less than Quebec justice minister, as well as responsible for Canadian relations, made a fascinating gaffe this week, telling Paul Arcand that Quebec is the only bilingual province.

        Not only is Quebec officially, one might even say passionately unilingual, it’s New Brunswick that’s the only self-declared officially bilingual province.

        Bonjour Hi, Ms Lebel!

        • qatzelok 07:49 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          It’s not a gaffe at all. In reality, Quebec is a much more bilingual place than New Brunswick. It’s virtually only the francophones in NB who speak the “other” language. The anglos are mostly unilingual rednecks.

        • dwgs 08:03 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          qatzelok your bigotry is showing.

        • Kevin 08:55 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          Sonia LeBel’s first statement was correct *from a legal standpoint.*

          Health care and criminal trials are required to be in English if a person chooses. English testimony and documents cannot be refused at civil trials. Every piece of legislation in the National Assembly must be written in English.

          There’s more, but certainly a lawyer like LeBel knows the difference between what is mandatory and what is suggested.

        • Kate 09:05 on 2019-09-21 Permalink

          That much is true. When I was summoned to jury duty, it was evidently for a trial meant to be held in English. I found it so odd to be in the Palais de Justice, with hundreds of other folks, being addressed by the authorities in English. (I wasn’t selected, but I’ve told that story before.)

          Still, one fact that’s drilled into us is officially unilingual. It’s even the very first statement in Montreal’s charter, chapter 1, verse 1.

          Which reminds me, I was listening with half an ear to the radio news yesterday, and they had a brief clip from (I think) some spokesman for Mitsubishi, which is opening a new facility in Boisbriand. The man spoke a couple of sentences of standard corporate boilerplate in English about how they were very pleased to be opening this thing in Montréal, giving the name as in French. I’ve never heard that done vocally before, even by politicians or entertainment figures.

        • qatzelok 08:19 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

          @dwgs: “qatzelok your frankness is showing”

          While most of Quebec’s anglo minority get to co-exist with the most urban and sophisticated francophones in North America in our city, Acadians have had to co-exist with exactly the opposite level of tolerance and sophistication since their ethnic-cleansing in 1755.

          This is another unequal situation for francophones in Canada.

        • Kate 10:17 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

          qatzelok, are you saying that Bill 101 and its fallout on the anglo community since 1976 are a justifiable punishment to anglos as a group in revenge for the expulsion in 1755? Does that seem reasonable to you?

        • dwgs 15:51 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

          Well since Montreal is the largest French speaking city in North America I guess you’re right, it does have the most urban franco population. Or perhaps you meant urbane?

        • qatzelok 18:37 on 2019-09-22 Permalink

          Kate, all I’m trying to point out is how much worse Montreal anglophones would have had it if they had been made to live as minorities in the backwoods of rural northern Quebec. Likewise, the francophones of Ontario live among the most intolerant and racist populations of anglophones.

          It’s “death by redneck culture” for francophones in the ROC.

        • Kevin 08:00 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

          That’s not a theoretical, because we know exactly what did happen: their descendants became Quebecers with English names who don’t speak a word of English.

        • dwgs 13:16 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

          qatzelok your theories are tired and trite. As someone who grew up in northern Ontario I can tell you that there is very little tension between the two communities. As a matter of fact there is a lot of intermarriage (and no, it’s not an attempt to eradicate Franco culture). There is however a fair amount of animosity towards francophone Québécois from some Franco ontarians

        • SMD 14:21 on 2019-09-23 Permalink

          Relevant quote from former Acadian MP Yvon Godin in La Presse this morning:

          « Au Nouveau-Brunswick, le français, ça s’apprend, mais l’anglais, ça s’attrape. »

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