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  • Kate 21:19 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

    Phillips Square has reopened after its renovation (why is CTV calling it Square Phillips?).

    • Thomas 21:31 on 2022-06-04 Permalink

      Presumably Square Phillips is its only official name these days. Just be happy you get to keep ‘square’ 😉

    • Blork 22:02 on 2022-06-04 Permalink

      Yeah, Square Phillips is the legit name. The street next to it is rue du Square-Phillips. The website is http://www.squarephillips.com/

    • Kate 08:52 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

      Somehow I’m hardened to “Square Victoria” because it’s the name of the metro station, but Square Phillips just sounds silly (when used in English).

    • DeWolf 10:17 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

      @Thomas ‘square’ is actually a French word! From the old French esquare. It was adopted into English after the Norman conquest.

    • Ephraim 11:20 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

      And it’s also Square St-Louis, not Carre St-Louis, officially.

    • Thomas 15:45 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

      @DeWolf that is very interesting! I try to keep on top of my English words derived from French, but I wasn’t aware of that one (even though I remember hearing the word ‘square’ used in a French New Wave film from the sixties).

  • Kate 21:17 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

    Police pulled a body from the river off the Jacques-Cartier pier on Saturday morning. They don’t think a crime was involved.

    I’m reminded that someone may have drowned off the Old Port two weeks ago. I never saw any report that this person had been found. But there’s no mention of this circumstance in the present story.

    • Kate 10:21 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

      The Gazette starts a series on violence among and affecting teenagers with a piece about Meriem Boundaoui, shot dead in February last year as she sat in a car with a friend. The killer has not yet been identified or found.

      • Kate 10:12 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

        An older man evicted by new landlords took to living in his car, where he died last summer during a heat wave.

        • Kate 10:08 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

          A shortage of workers in the court system means justice is being delayed in Montreal, charges judge Joëlle Roy.

          • Kate 10:03 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

            Jean-Claude Rochefort, charged with inciting hatred toward women, has lost his right to a jury trial after showing up late for jury selection. Rochefort notably posted praise of the Polytechnique killer and his actions.

            Another local misogynist, Marc Magendie, has been found in possession of a lot of guns and ammunition. Magendie has a track record as a “plaideur quérulent” – a vexatious litigant – and an owner of illegal weapons.

            • Kate 09:45 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

              Alain Babineau, hired a year ago to advise the SPVM on racial profiling, has resigned, saying both the force’s management and the police brotherhood are too resistant to change.

              • mare 08:50 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

                I can’t decide if this is the saddest but and least surprising story of the day, or the one about the man dying in his car of heatstroke after being illegally evicted?

            • Kate 09:28 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

              Countering Friday’s piece about office vacancies, La Presse says the city’s economy is doing well; its credit rating has just gone up a notch.

              • Kate 09:24 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

                Another PLQ MNA from the island of Montreal – Robert Baldwin riding in the West Island – has announced he’s not running again: Carlos Leitão, who was finance minister in the Couillard government. Leitão joins Christine St‑Pierre, Lise Thériault, Paule Robitaille, David Birnbaum, Hélène David and Pierre Arcand in the exit stampede of Montreal PLQ MNAs.

                • Kate 09:12 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

                  On the Go Vélo weekend it’s nice to see a positive piece about cycling culture here, although TVA also has a piece saying the infrastructure needs to be safer. Both pieces quote cycling evangelist Stein Van Oosteren, here on a visit.

                  • Kate 09:05 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

                    Almost all the cases of monkeypox in Canada are here in Quebec: 71 at last count among hundreds found in countries which don’t usually see the disease. General reports on the mpox are divided between those saying it’s most common among gay men and those saying it’s not a gay disease.

                  • Kate 08:59 on 2022-06-04 Permalink | Reply  

                    There’s a hockey arena in Mile End and it’s been closed down for repairs till at least 2025. Some residents are not happy about this.

                    With Legault’s talk about supporting hockey, shouldn’t there be funds to speed up repairs of facilities like this?

                    • jeather 10:01 on 2022-06-04 Permalink

                      In central Montreal? Are you kidding me?

                    • walkerp 11:26 on 2022-06-04 Permalink

                      It’s not just a hockey arena. They had free ice skating several times a week which was super popular among families, as well as hosting ice skating lessons. They also had great roller derby tournaments there, which were packed with hipsters, teens and families alike and great fun. It’s some serious typical corrupt Montreal bullshit that it was shut down like this with no announcement and a lot of lies about freon and other nonsense. Please sign the petition!

                    • Kate 21:22 on 2022-06-04 Permalink

                      OK, I had no idea. And you’re right, jeather. In central Montreal.

                    • Meezly 11:03 on 2022-06-05 Permalink

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