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  • Kate 22:29 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse has a detailed piece Monday on how the MUHC hospitals are overwhelmed and some alarming stats on how few hospital beds Quebec has per capita compared to other places.

    • Harold 12:04 on 2022-06-28 Permalink

      Sweden has only 12% more and somehow they are viewed as having a great healthcare system. And are there really 7 times as many sick people in Japan or are their doctors just not really good?

    • Harold 12:17 on 2022-06-28 Permalink

      And if QC and ON are below the Canadian average what provinces (with much smaller populations) have such a surplus of beds that could make the Canadian number a third more than here?

    • qatzelok 12:38 on 2022-06-28 Permalink

      Harold: the median age in Japan is 8 years older than the median age in Canada.

      So perhaps Japan has the number of beds (per capita) we SHOULD have in a few years time.
      We’re not even close, and our population continues to age…


  • Kate 22:21 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Plante says American women are welcome in Montreal if they’re seeking an abortion, and I don’t doubt we’ll see some visitors at clinics here. But for many American women, it’s out of reach to travel, and it may even cause them legal trouble if they are found to have gone abroad for this purpose. Nonetheless, Plante is right to speak up.

    Meanwhile, with anti‑abortion activists encouraged by the U.S. news, anti‑abortion leaflets have been pushed through doors in some parts of town.

    • Kate 13:13 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

      An SPVM report says that schools in Montreal, from grade schools to university, were the site of 64 armed attacks in 2021 but doesn’t break it down by type of attack or age of those involved. Apparently this a typical figure that hasn’t been rising since 2013.

      • Kate 13:09 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

        The fire in Montreal East is still burning. The location is an installation that sorts waste construction materials from ecocentres in the urban area. Promises are made here that the process of ecocentres accepting and sorting this stuff will not be interrupted.

        • Kate 13:06 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

          There has been an arrest in the shooting death of Meriem Boundaoui, the teenager killed while sitting in a car in St‑Léonard in early 2021.

          Radio-Canada names the suspect as Salim Touaibi and says he’s facing a charge of first degree murder for Meriem Boundaoui as well as four other charges of attempted murder. He was arrrested while already locked up over other charges.

          • Kate 10:32 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

            I can’t believe that the fate of refugee Mamadou Konaté is still doubtful after this hard‑working Ivoirien has cleaned Covid‑riddled care homes, trimmed trees for Hydro‑Quebec, and done other forms of physical labour many locals would disdain to do. He hasn’t committed any crimes and, being Ivoirien, he undoubtedly speaks French.

            And yet, Canada’s on the verge of sending him back to the Ivory Coast, which he fled because he found himself on the wrong side of a political issue – something Canada flags as a good reason not to keep him! And this while we’re so short of willing workers.

            • Chris 09:32 on 2022-06-28 Permalink

              >he undoubtedly speaks French… And yet, Canada’s on the verge of sending him back to the Ivory Coast

              Seems like a great exemplar for separatists, showing why Quebec should run its own affairs, instead of Canada getting to make these decisions.

              >found himself on the wrong side of a political issue

              That seems like sugar coating it. The accusation seems to be that he joined a movement to overthrow the former president. Who knows if it’s true, presumably the government knows more than us here.

          • Kate 10:23 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

            A major tenant group has collated apartment ads all over Quebec and found that rents are rising even more outside town than in it. Plans that might once have made sense to move and work from home in Drummondville to save money are no longer on the board.

            Also, landlords are getting away with asking for security deposits, which is not legal in Quebec.

            • Tee Owe 16:15 on 2022-06-27 Permalink

              If it’s not legal and they are getting away with it then somebody is not doing their job

            • Kate 19:08 on 2022-06-27 Permalink

              One of the reasons rents are so out of control is that the rental board hasn’t been doing its job for awhile.

          • Kate 10:02 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

            Not sure why it’s headline news that Sunday was the hottest day so far this year, but there you have it. It peaked at 32.4° but didn’t break the record for a June 26. The Journal emphasizes that we loved it.

            • Daniel 13:42 on 2022-06-27 Permalink

              Because on a slow news Sunday that’s at least a wisp of novelty in a story that is easy to write that will have many readers?

              More investigative journalism would have to be performed to know whether we really loved it. (I did not.)

          • Kate 09:33 on 2022-06-27 Permalink | Reply  

            An almost textbook example of disagreement between the Quebec government and Ottawa is holding back the construction or renovation of 6000 units of social housing in Montreal.

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