Fans cluster to watch champ practice

The Journal, after running Réjean Tremblay’s snark at Bianca Andreescu on the weekend, has a fairly mild item about fans watching the tennis champ practising at Jarry Park. However, the Gazette’s Pat Hickey, in more muted tones than Tremblay, but taking up the same theme, criticizes her bitterly for not talking to the Montreal media. The headline alleging she “misses shot at connecting with Montreal fans” is clearly untrue, as people were able to go watch her, and that’s what they wanted – not soundbites filtered and shaped by the media.

The question would be: what’s in it for her to waste her time trying to charm these grouchy old white males? She has to focus on her game, and she must know that those old sports writers are as fickle as divas, capable of twisting her words if it suits their purpose. She’s wise to keep her distance. She owes them nothing.