Federal results – no big surprises in town

Been listening to the election returns, and of the Montreal ridings with unpredictable outcomes:

La Pointe-de-l’Île – Mario Beaulieu, Bloc, re-elected. Big resurgence of the Bloc all over Quebec but this is the only Bloc riding in Montreal: odds are there’s a big overlap between CAQ and Bloc voters.

Hochelaga – Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Liberal. The NDP had been strong here and some predicted a Bloc win.

Outremont – Liberal Rachel Bendayan, first elected in a byelection after Thomas Mulcair stepped down, is back.

Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie – Alexandre Boulerice is the last NDPer left standing in the province.

Laurier Ste-Marie – Liberal Steven Guilbeault has soundly defeated Nimâ Machouf.

Some of the west-end Liberal wins were well above 50%, and it looks like Laval is all Liberal right now, although the two islands are swimming in a sea of Bloc blue.

Oh, and Maxime Bernier didn’t even come close to winning his seat.