Man shot dead in Pierrefonds

A man was shot dead in Pierrefonds Monday morning. La Presse doesn’t have much more about it yet, but says it’s our 14th homicide – so I’ve missed one. There’s also an equally scanty report from TVA.

Update: Radio-Canada says the victim was Andrew Scoppa, described as a Mafia chief. They make this #13 of the year. Scoppa’s brother Salvatore was shot dead in Laval in May of this year.

More: La Presse mob specialist Daniel Renaud dissects the likely meaning of this killing in the bigger pattern of the struggle to dominate the Montreal underworld. The theory is that the Scoppa brothers were involved in the killing of four Rizzuto-clan connections in 2016. There were arrests in those killings only last week, which I never blogged, since I’ve found over time that mob stories don’t interest my readers much, and even the most lurid stories pass with little comment.

Still, they are news.