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  • Kate 20:56 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

    The year’s first homicide was the shooting death of a teenager in the Plateau. Police have made an arrest in that killing – another teenager.

    • Kate 20:53 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

      Merchants will be offered French lessons in a new project aimed at helping them “communicate with their customers” – it says here.

      There was a project a few years ago that handed out stickers for stores, restaurants and bars, saying something like “I’m learning French, please allow me to practice.” I even saw them in a few places, but I doubt it worked. In business you default to whichever language allows for the most direct communication. Obviously it will often be French, but if it isn’t, we’re not here to give each other a language lesson, we’re here to order a pizza or buy a drink.

      Most of the time I speak French outside the house, in stores, in incidental conversation with strangers. But not everywhere. And I have to admit, I don’t feel obliged to force a conversation into French if someone speaks English to me.

      • CE 13:26 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

        I went to a store the other day and spoke French to the owner. He heard my accent and switched to English but after a few sentences back and forth, I heard him struggling a bit and I realized my French was better than his English, so we switched back to French. This happens all the time and I’ve never encountered any issues. It’s kind of fun to do the dance.

        Also, in some parts of town, I know I’ll sound ridiculous if I start off a conversation in accented French but in others, I would never start off in English. With time, you develop a very detailed mental map to tell you where in the city which language is to be used.

      • Kate 13:55 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

        So true, CE.

      • Ian 21:17 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

        At my local dep the owners (pre-101) speak English & super broken French, but their part-time guy speaks French and super broken English. I speak French to the young guy and English to the owners, no big deal.

    • Kate 20:38 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

      A woman stabbed Thursday morning in a Lasalle parking lot has died. TVA says she had a baby a few weeks ago and had two other kids. TVA also goes on to mention other killings that have taken place on the same street, in other years, but there’s no suggestion they’re connected.

      Friday morning, Radio-Canada says there’s been an arrest, and it was someone she knew.

      And in addition, Gisèle Itale Betondi, only 29, had turned to the authorities for refuge from a violent husband. It is that estranged husband that’s the only suspect in her murder.

      • Kate 17:05 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

        François Legault suspended the election campaign for the day, following the death of the Queen; the PQ’s Paul St‑Pierre Plamondon objects to putting the Quebec flag at half staff: “F. Legault ne devrait pas traiter la reine d’Angleterre en chef de l’état qcois, ni donner de crédibilité à un régime colonial britannique illégitime au Qc,” he tweeted. I guess he knows all about colonial regimes.

        • GC 17:28 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          And Quebec isn’t filled with francophones who are here because of colonization?

        • Kevin 17:33 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          I guess PSPP is getting annoyed at being solicited for donations from his alma mater in England.

        • Chris 17:33 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          Are you implying some kind of hypocrisy?

          We can’t change the past, the people here now are here now. But continuing to support colonialist structures is in the present and can be supported or opposed. What French colonial structures is that guy hypocritically advocating for while advocating against the British ones?

        • Kate 17:58 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          If the British regime was colonialist, so was the French.

        • Chris 18:51 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          Kate: true enough. And so?

        • GC 19:03 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          I don’t recall saying we could change the past, Chris. Britain’s past is just as immutable as Canada’s.

          She wasn’t just “Queen of England”, as Plamondon said. She was also Queen of Canada, and we’re still in it. Did she do some shitty things in her seventy-year reign? Absolutely.

        • Kevin 19:09 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          I would rather a monarch trained for duty from birth over a Trump or a Putin. With a monarch, they know they serve only as long as we are willing to put up with them, and there is also the likelihood that they don’t really want the job.

          No system is perfect, but the alternatives to our current mode of government, in our current era, will be disastrous.

        • qatzelok 19:52 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          @Kate: “If the British regime was colonialist, so was the French.”

          In 1760, when Quebec fell to Britain, there were only about 40,000 French in all of North America. And they mostly lived among First Nations. Allied with First Nations.

          There were 2 million British in the 13 colonies that year. Colonizing the hell out of N.A. and eventually wiping out all the First Nations once France was kicked out of N.A.

          Everything in History isn’t equivalent. The French LOST in N.A. partially because they forgot to send over millions of self-created refugees like Britain did.

        • Kate 20:25 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          And the French only had the welfare of the indigenous people at heart, did they? No interest in the beaver pelts, the arable land, the potential for expansion into the rest of the continent?

          Give me a break.

        • Uatu 21:48 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          France had Louisiana, about 1/3 of the US but Napoleon decided to sell. If he really wanted he could’ve made a huge French speaking territory in North America but chose not to. Why isn’t he vilified like les anglais?

        • Tim S. 09:28 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

          If there’s anything I learned from “Histoire du Québec et Canada” it’s that the French tried desperately to send colonists, and failed. That failure does not create moral legitimacy.

        • Chris 14:45 on 2022-09-11 Permalink

          GC: indeed you didn’t say the past could be changed, nor did I say you did. But you didn’t answer my question about your original comment, which I still don’t understand.

        • GC 23:49 on 2022-09-11 Permalink

          My answer is: yes. There is definitely hypocrisy there.

      • Kate 13:41 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

        In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mother) made a tour of Canada. They arrived by ship in Quebec City first, then came here by train, getting off at the train station in Park Ex then touring around town in an open car. It was a triumph. Check out a newsreel of the era. They were massively popular in a way it’s difficult to comprehend now.

        Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip came to Montreal in 1959 for the opening of the St Lawrence Seaway, for a visit to Expo 67 and for the 1976 Olympics. The Gazette says here that Elizabeth visited Quebec in 1939, 1951, 1957, 1959, 1964, 1967, 1976, 1987 and 1992.

        The 1957 and 1992 visits are marked “Hull” so presumably it was only an excursion from Ottawa. I’m doubtful about their mention of a 1939 visit because articles, including this one, state that the king and queen left the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in London when they did that tour. I think the Gazette has the two Elizabeths mixed up.

        The royals knew quite well their presence wasn’t welcome in Quebec past a point, so we haven’t seen much of them since then, except for seeing the Queen’s face on our money. It will be very strange to look at a coin or a $20 bill and see Charles.

        Update: The Clock Tower will be darkened tonight.

        • steph 13:55 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          This might be a good opportunity to stop putting monarchs on our currency.

        • james 14:26 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

        • Tee Owe 14:34 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          @steph – what else? What about a blank space? Has any other country used blank space? Canada could be a trendsetter here

        • Tee Owe 14:51 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          FWIW I was born in the year of her coronation so I am a bit biased, not a Charles fan

        • Kate 14:53 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          It’s not required to have a figurehead on the money. Animals, plants, landmarks, natural features, heraldry, historical events, scientific and engineering achievements – all kinds of possibilities exist.

        • mare 15:01 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          Euro bills use (non-existent) bridges, but the coins still have head of states on them. Otherwise you can’t use them for wagers.

          Maybe Canadian bills can use animals, and the coins can use plants. The Dutch used various items for their bills before the euro, a sunflower, a bird, a lighthouse. I might be a bit biased but I thought that was the nicest money in the world. I planned on keeping one of each and framing them but lacked the funds.

        • Kate 16:17 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

          Pre-Euro Irish coins had nice designs, with a harp on one side, various animals on the other.

        • Tee Owe 05:24 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

          Irish Euro coins also have a harp on one side

        • Tee Owe 09:17 on 2022-09-09 Permalink

          but no animals 🙂

      • Kate 12:32 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

        A woman was stabbed in a parking lot in Lasalle on Thursday morning. No one’s been arrested.

        • Kate 11:09 on 2022-09-08 Permalink | Reply  

          The survey on systemic racism at the MUHC has made some people uneasy – and so it should. Any study uncovering patterns of unchecked racism ought to do just that.

          Aaron Derfel cites François Legault: “although racism does exist in Quebec, it has not risen to the level of a system.” Legault boneheadedly refuses to see how ingrained racism is transmitted as a semi‑spoken meme from one person to another via jokes, facial expressions, subvocalized remarks. To Legault, if it’s not explicitly written down as a rule in a training manual, it can be said not to exist.

          • steph 14:02 on 2022-09-08 Permalink

            I know people who think it’s racism only if we’re burning crosses, or gassing chambers. Without ‘overt hate’ they can’t think of it as racism. In 2022, no racist ever wants to be told they’re racist, they’ll become olympian mental gymnasts first.

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