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  • Kate 23:09 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

    The three logos that adorned the top of the Maison Radio‑Canada were taken down Tuesday.

    • Kate 23:06 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

      A student was attacked Tuesday at Collège Maisonneuve and three people were arrested. One of them turned out to have something of a record.

      • Kate 23:02 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        Rain flooded at least one underpass on Tuesday, and metro trains were not stopping at Square Victoria after water was seen pooling inside. Some highways were also closed for awhile at the height of the downpour.

        • steph 10:23 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          I was on the bus and we couragously drove through a large puddle. Bus driver announced “tous le monde attention vos pieds, il va avoir de l’eau!” and the bus filled with half a foot of water as we drove through with everyone’s feet raised. Quite the scene. Once crossed the bus driver opened the doors and in 5 seconds the water was all gone.

        • Joey 10:52 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          @steph that reminds me of this classic from the Simpsons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGv6RASFsY4

        • CE 12:15 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          I had to bike home from work in the worst of it. After a couple minutes when I had become completely and thoroughly soaked, it was kind of fun.

      • Kate 17:53 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        The Journal ran a piece Tuesday about the number of police squads available in each territory by night and alleging that “hot” districts are “left to their own devices.”

        It takes a Ted Rutland to see through the smoke and mirrors: “To answer the question in the title, you’d have to compare police patrols to 911 calls in each sector (which is easy to do). They instead compare patrols to an imagined map of gun crime […] Police patrols respond to 911 calls and around 0.04% of calls involve guns. The so-called investigation, then, just whips up fear unnecessarily, while serving the agenda of whoever leaked the data (the brotherhood was most likely involved).”

        • DavidH 13:43 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          Neither the map nor the article make any mentions of gun crime. They cite population and reported crimes instead. Those are actually pretty good indicators.

          They leave out infrastructures like the airport and hazardous industries which beef up the police ratios in some sectors. That creates a discrepancy between PDQ05 (airport) and 45 (RDP) for example. Just enough to generate the outrage they seek.

          Ruthland is right about the timing. He doesn’t seem to have read or looked at the map though.

      • Kate 12:06 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        The prime minister has declared Monday a one‑time federal holiday for the Queen’s funeral.

        The funeral begins at 11 am BST, which is to say 6 am our time.

        I’m waiting for Legault to contravene the holiday in Quebec. Bets?

        • Blork 13:43 on 2022-09-13 Permalink

          My understanding is that Legault doesn’t even have to contravene. As it stands now, the holiday only applies to federal employees. For the scope to go wider, the provinces have to actively join in and say YES. Saying or doing nothing means no holiday from people who aren’t federal employees.

          The odds of Legault actively taking a step to embrace the holiday are microscopic. It’s not just a lack of interest in the monarchy; business people are complaining about it.

        • Kate 14:44 on 2022-09-13 Permalink

        • CE 21:51 on 2022-09-13 Permalink

          He’s saying that the kids shouldn’t have another day off after all the years of Covid restrictions. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?? I would have liked the day off!

        • Chris 22:40 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          Kate, typo there: GST -> GMT.

        • H. John 00:18 on 2022-09-15 Permalink

          The holiday applies to all federally “regulated” employees.

          It’s not just government employees. It includes things like airlines, banks, postal services, etc.


        • Bryan 22:35 on 2022-09-15 Permalink

          Chris, the funeral is not at 11am GMT. It’s at 11am BST.

      • Kate 10:31 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        The Link has a nice profile of Park Ex cat rescuer Nadia Verrucci, showing how her work fills a need that few others are thinking about.

        Nadia also rescued the cat which, after a period of fostering, became my cat, so I owe her a debt of gratitude.

        • EmilyG 10:45 on 2022-09-13 Permalink

          She’s an old friend of mine. 🙂

      • Kate 09:22 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        A rendering for the Holocaust Museum’s new location on the Main shows a pleasing building that shouldn’t be too huge for the street. It will be built on the parking lot just south of the Balfour building, but it looks like a couple of smaller buildings may also have to go to make room for it.

        • DeWolf 19:01 on 2022-09-13 Permalink

          You can see some of the other finalists in the design competition here:


          Personally, I think they chose the right one. It’s sober but inviting, and it blends into the existing streetscape while still being distinctive.

          Hopefully that particular stretch of St-Laurent will benefit from the daytime traffic generated by the museum, because at the moment it’s a kind of vampire block, alive at night but dead during the day.

        • Kate 11:34 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          Yes, I agree. They picked the most suitable of those designs.

          I wonder what they plan to do about parking (if any) and what the back side will do for St‑Dominique. Museums usually need to have a big loading door for exhibits, although this kind of museum may not need anything too big in that sense.

        • DeWolf 11:46 on 2022-09-14 Permalink

          That’s a good point. I don’t think there will be any parking in the building but surely there will need to be a big loading dock.

      • Kate 09:19 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        Party leaders are now vying to emphasize that Nick Suzuki needs to learn French. So, let’s pull him off hockey for six months and put him in intensive lessons. Six months is all it takes, right?

      • Kate 08:50 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

        The Royal Bank logo added to the Canadiens jersey is making a lot of people mad, not least Patrick Lagacé.

        • Kate 08:36 on 2022-09-13 Permalink | Reply  

          There were four shootings overnight. Two men were shot on St‑Denis in the Quartier Latin, and one man in Place Émilie‑Gamelin: whether these incidents are connected is not yet known. Nobody has died.

          Parked cars were also shot at in Rosemont and Anjou, but there were no human victims.

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