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  • Kate 20:39 on 2023-09-27 Permalink | Reply  

    I don’t usually do Longueuil news, but a double murder seems worth noting.

    Thursday morning: there’s been an arrest. CTV says the victims were a mother and daughter and TVA that the suspect, aged 30, is son of one of the victims.

    • Kate 19:29 on 2023-09-27 Permalink | Reply  

      Police can’t get into the phone belonging to the man who struck and killed a little girl last December with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although it was a hit‑and‑run, Becerra Garcia later turned himself in; police want to search his phone to find out whether he knew what he had done and had told someone, but no luck so far.

    • Kate 19:26 on 2023-09-27 Permalink | Reply  

      There’s a big artificial intelligence conference going on here this week. The federal government has launched a new voluntary AI code of conduct for Canadian companies, a new research chair has been created for “responsible AI in video games”, there’s talk of how AI will improve healthcare, and Louise Beaudoin is not happy that the conference is called All In. Well, that’s her job. “On ne progresse pas. Ce n’est pas normal.”

      • Ephraim 19:49 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        There is a clause in Law 25, not yet in force, that states that you need to be notified if ADM (automatic decision making) is being used and to object to it.

      • Orr 16:33 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        My (federal) MP never stops promoting the fact she is instrumental in getting grants for Montreal AI startups.
        “How many people will AI put out of work?” I like to ask her when she comes to my door during election campaigns.

      • Ian 17:25 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        We should let AI take care of the role of federal MPs.

        I know, I know – be careful what you wish for. Maybe we can have AI clowns, at the municipal level too?

    • Kate 10:30 on 2023-09-27 Permalink | Reply  

      Dozens of SUV owners in Outremont woke to find their tires deflated overnight. A pretty good faux ticket was also attached to the windshields.

      • John B 11:17 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        > Les enquêteurs sur les lieux devront effectuer des démarches d’enquête

        Relatively harmless, non-permanent, vandalism against SUVs and the police are on the scene! Would they do the same if someone stole a bike?

      • Ephraim 11:50 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Do the bikes have VIN numbers? A value of over $10K? Any chance, even remote of catching a bike thief?

        To be honest, the only thing the police will do about the cars is canvas the neighbourhood for video of the people who did it, to make all those people feel better. I mean, what do you expect them to do? It’s not about the crime, it’s about making people feel more secure, even if there is really nothing you can actually do.

      • carswell 12:17 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Glad to see SUV owners getting some flak.

        That said, does he who shall not be named have an alibi?

      • Kate 14:06 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        carswell, i wondered about that too…

      • Aineko Marcx 15:19 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Big SUVs in packed places like the island of Montreal are a constant menace to kids. But I think the environmentalists in question could have taken some mild approach. E.g. leave multiple hard-to-remove hazard-stripe stickers reading like: “Watch out, biatch! I am driving a big SUV.”

      • marco 15:22 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        $0 vandalism spree. You don’t see that every day.

      • jeather 16:09 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        The biggest problem with SUVs is that regulation/testing is about safety for passengers, not pedestrians. (I recall but could be mistaken that they need to do both in the EU.)

      • Michael 17:34 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        1 airplane trip from Bill Gates private jet does more environmental damage than 100 of those cars put together.

      • Kate 17:53 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Environmental damage is not the only concern, Michael. As jeather mentions, the size and weight of these vehicles makes them dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and even smaller vehicles. Essentially, nobody needs a vanity truck, but a lot of people have them.

      • dhomas 18:40 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        @Michael: Holy whataboutism, Batman!
        Just because Bill Gates is a dick with his private jet, doesn’t mean that we should let others get away with shitty behaviour. If anything, we should be pissed about both. Also, as Kate and others have mentioned, these vehicles don’t only pollute, they are also responsible for more pedestrian deaths than smaller vehicles which carry just as many passengers.

        That said, I think these environmentalists don’t make any fans this way. The only people that will be sympathetic to their methods are people who are ALREADY sympathetic to their cause. There has to be another way.

      • carswell 18:48 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Telling that Michael’s example is Bill Gates, a lot of whose flying is to do humanitarian work, including work to mitigate climate change, instead of the generic “tech exec” or a person like Elon Musk or Larry Ellison, both far rightwingers.

        But since we’re all in agreement that flying’s a bad thing for the environment, let’s comprise by banning all private jets and first/business class on commercial airlines and by carbon-taxing the hell out of all air travel.

      • Tim S. 19:09 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        dhomas: I wonder. In general I think that aggressive acts like this leads to more anger and polarization, on the other hand it’s weird that outside of small circles of like-minded people, there’s NO social friction for owning and driving such giant vehicles clearly unsuited for an urban environment (or anywhere). We’ll see, I guess.

        And yeah, why haven’t private jets been banned or taxed to hell yet? Seems like really low-hanging fruit for virtue-signaling politicians afraid of actual hard choices – like restricting pickup trucks to people with commercial licences.

      • Orr 20:38 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        If private jets are banned, 10,000+ people in Montreal will lose their jobs. Bombardier is the world’s leading private jet maker.

      • Chris 21:34 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        >And yeah, why haven’t private jets been banned or taxed to hell yet?

        Is that an actual question? Because the answer is: money. The same answer for everything really.

      • Tim S. 07:48 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Orr: yep. I know some of them. Still doesn’t make it right.

      • Ian 08:06 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Given that it’s Outremont it might be an act of anti-semitism. It wouldn’t be the first time the Hassidim got singled out in this neighbourhood for not being “whatever” enough, and they do mostly drive big black SUVs.

      • Michael 09:17 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        My point is that going after small people is just futile.

        China increases its CO2 pollution by an ENTIRE Canada every single year.

        China went from 10956 million metric tons to 11472 million metric tons of CO2. Canada was 545 million metric tons.

        What we do here is almost meaningless.

      • Michael 09:21 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Bill Gates is the biggest hypocrite of them all.

        He was on 60 minutes saying “I can drive private jets because I buy carbon offset credits so that makes me carbon neutral everytime I fly my private jet”

        I wonder why the reporter didn’t ask the follow up question “Why don’t you fly first class on Delta airlines and buy those carbon credits at the same time?”

        Nah all those billions are needed to earn more money. Just like when Bill Gates decided to short Tesla stock. Betting on an electric car manufacturer to fail.

      • bumper carz 09:24 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        @Michael: “What we do here is almost meaningless.”

        Yes, Canada could dissappear tomorrow, and this would make little difference in world affairs.

        But climate destruction is done by individual consumers (and state actors) so talking about “what Canada does” is just a way of evading the fact that we Canadians, individually and through our institutions, are mega-pig consumers.

      • Orr 16:38 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Kudos to these righteous activists.
        High-carbon lifestyle is still a high-carbon lifestyle, no matter who does it or where they do it.
        The madness of western society’s over-consumption-on-steroids has to stop.

      • Ian 17:29 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        To be fair SUVs are probably a safer target than luxury cars, like Outremont is also full of. Your average Audi or BMW owner would probably beat the living tar out of anyone they caught flattening their tires.

        The Hassidim are easier victims. Very brave of these activists to single their lifestyles out as problematic. I mean really, it’s not hard to tell when you are in a Hassidic neighbourhood, I seriously doubt that part was accidental.

      • CE 19:07 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        I think a better tactic would be for many people to just let the air out of tires all the time without making a statement about it. Eventually, it would frustrate SUV drivers (or drivers in general) to the point where they might just give up their vehicles (or at least take them out of the city).

      • Michael 21:10 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Canada’s carbon CO2 footprint has not increased in 23 years.

        Getting angry at Canadians environmentally is futile.

      • steph 21:34 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        Flyer that suggests having fewer children to fight climate change:

      • Ian 13:39 on 2023-09-29 Permalink

        Orr, CE, careful what you wish for – vigilante action goes both ways. One honeypot and your eco-warriors end up with a hospital stay.

      • Ian 13:44 on 2023-09-29 Permalink

        @steph by that logic, do would suicide. Actions speak louder than words, let’s see these reactionary ding-dongs lead by example.

    • Kate 08:12 on 2023-09-27 Permalink | Reply  

      Trudeau airport is working on its northern runway, temporarily forcing more air traffic over some Montreal neighbourhoods till mid‑November.

      St-Hubert airport management is willing to have some international flights, but Aéroports de Montréal says no.

      • Sprocket 09:36 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        I live in Bois Franc and noticed fairly recently that the approach path near my house is now a departure path. I guess this explains it.

      • Mark 11:02 on 2023-09-27 Permalink

        Not wanting to reopen the previous discussion, but since we’re here.

        I had to pick up a family member on Sunday night, and needing a break, I decided to just go early, have a couple beers and relax while I waited for her. I paid 35$ in the long term parking (because I stayed over 20 min, the flat rate for 24 hours kicks in) and there were lots of spots within walking distance of the terminal. Completely ridiculous but I couldn’t handle the stress, so I saw it as a night out in club YUL.

        Why aren’t these being used as temporary short term parking spaces? They could charge a sliding scale – 5$ for under 20 min, 10$ for under an hour, 15$ for 1h-2h, something like that.

        Anyone know what the issue? Is the risk that they would run out of long term parking? Then why not use a parking lot somewhere near Dorval and shuttle people? The parking lot behind the Bank of Montreal on Carson and Dorval is huge and seemingly empty. Why not plunk a few hundred long term cars there. Safety I guess could be an issue.

      • Orr 16:40 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        @Sprocket: if an approach is used as a departure that usually means the winds are the opposite direction of usual.
        Aircraft generally always launch into the wind.

      • Ian 17:31 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        “generally always” is my new band name.

      • Faiz Imam 22:22 on 2023-09-28 Permalink

        tudeau is at its capacity, but the expansion that will finish in the next few years will massively increase their throughput, so I can see them not wanting to open the door to st-hubert. they might never close it again.

        But hopefully st-hubert gets a ton of local flights. They will charge lower fees so good chance the prices will be less.

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