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  • Kate 17:45 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

    IRIS has released the latest study on how much money you need to live in dignity in Montreal and the figure is $32,535 for a single person. IRIS also thinks the recent bump in minimum wage to $15.25/hr is not enough.

    The footnote says “Le revenu viable est une somme disponible après impôt” and the report itself says “un revenu disponible” so the actual figure for a single person would be closer to $40K brut.

    • Kate 15:23 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

      Two men who assassinated Frantz Louis, described as an organized crime figure, in broad daylight in Villeray in 2020, were convicted of murder in the first degree on Wednesday. Emanuell Roberts Hunte and Andrew Thomas Labrèche are looking at a long stretch behind bars.

      • Blork 17:29 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        Interesting that one of the perps seemed stunned at the verdict. Given how little effort they put into not getting caught (read the article; straight out of amateur hour) I suspect these weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. I have a feeling he was thinking “I was just the driver. The guy we whacked was a criminal. I’ll get a couple of years max!”


      • shawn 08:48 on 2023-05-04 Permalink

        I wanted to see what you mean and so I read La Presse and yes, my guess is that because he was just the driver and didn’t pull the trigger, Labrèche thought he’d get off easier?

    • Kate 15:16 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

      CTV reports that CAQ supporters want to end the monopoly of the SAQ but the party has rushed to say they don’t plan to do that.

      • shawn 15:21 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        Big slippage for the CAQ in the latest Léger poll – apparently due in large part to outrage over the Quebec City third link cancellation, which amazes me. Anyway, one has to think if the decline is real and steady they’ll be looking around for something to win back that part of their base.

        But given Legault’s monopolistic approach on weed stores, I’m not thinking this is a thing they’d do.

      • DeWolf 17:54 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        Ending the SAQ monopoly is a touchy subject because it is a very good business in many ways, and there’s a certain equitability in the fact that it sells the same products at the same price throughout Quebec. But there are ways to allow private players in the market without undermining the SAQ. For example, Quebec distilleries have been lobbying for years to sell directly to consumers. Local breweries, wineries and cideries are already allowed to do this.

        You could also go one step further and take a BC-style approach by allowing private liquor stores to exist in conjunction with the SAQ. This would be especially good for anyone looking for specialty products that the SAQ doesn’t bother stocking, like niche liqueurs or spirits sought after by bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts.

        There are a lot of private wine importers who would love to no longer deal with the SAQ, which recently froze all new importers because their warehouses are full.

      • Spi 18:15 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        To say the SAQ has a complete monopoly is to not be aware of how the market has evolved since the pandemic and for the record plenty of private wine importers have moved on from the SAQ. There are countless small cafés, food counters and improvised cavists that have popped up the last few years by making use of pandemic era rules to sell wine directly to consumers. The SAQ has a monopoly on hard liquor only these days.

        Honestly I buy more wine from these small shops than I do from the SAQ these days.

        There are two issues at hand here the SAQ’s perceived monopoly in retailing products and its actually monopoly on importing along with it’s government backed ability to levy a tax on all alcohol that comes in.

      • Ephraim 21:32 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        I’m more upset with the small town situation where the gas station, corner store and SAQ all in one. But let’s be realistic about this, the government can make it’s money at the wholesale level and sell stores with territorial limits allowing no one to own more than 10% of the stores. I mean, the SAQ already uses resellers in small towns. Maybe that should really be more like the SQDC with delivery rather than corner stores selling it.

      • DeWolf 10:51 on 2023-05-04 Permalink

        @Spi, private importers still need to import their wine through the SAQ, which charges a hefty handling fee. Which is why those new caves à vin that have popped up tend to be very expensive.

      • Tim 13:15 on 2023-05-04 Permalink

        @DeWolf, are you aware that the SAQ handles all the shipping and storage for those private importers? Somebody explained it to me last year and I was impressed at the overall service. It sounded like a one stop shop that is very streamlined for smaller companies. Seems like money well spent if they handle all the complexities of shipping.

      • Orr 15:20 on 2023-05-05 Permalink

        Still waiting for SAQ to take back the wine bottles that they themselves sell, for recycling.
        They make the government $2.2 billion in profits and sales taxes, so it’s not going to be that much of a financial hardship.
        SAQ even proudly announces their eco and green initiatives, but somehow bottle recycling isn’t one of them. A classic case of corporate #Greenwashing right there.

      • Tim 15:57 on 2023-05-05 Permalink

    • Kate 15:12 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

      Quebec is preparing to reform education management again and give Bernard Drainville even more direct power over operations.

      • jeather 15:58 on 2023-05-03 Permalink

        His two ways to improve things: give one person even more direct power OR add a new layer of bureaucracy.

        I think that because the English system still has school boards they might be exempt from this?

      • Nicholas 15:58 on 2023-05-04 Permalink

        Let no one say anymore that the provincial government is not responsible for grade school education, and that any elected official except your MNA should be held accountable when the results aren’t good. That is the main benefit of eliminating school boards. (Well, that and no longer having elections where >90% of candidates win by acclamation and there are frequent stories of fraud and embezzlement by the winners.)

    • Kate 11:58 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

      The L-H-Lafontaine tunnel will be totally closed overnight Friday for a simulated evacuation emergency drill.

      • Kate 09:28 on 2023-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

        A law-abiding man was seized and handcuffed by two plainclothes police in the Marché central parking lot last November, and told that his car was stolen property. As it turned out, the cops were wrong about that – but they didn’t have the handcuff key, and the man had to wait until other cops showed up with it. Now he’s suing the SPVM over the incident, which was discussed on the blog at the time.

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