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  • Kate 23:09 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

    More than 5000 passengers have taken the Amtrak Adirondack to New York since it returned on April 3. This item mentions some hope of a future train that will make the trip in under the current 11 hours.

    • Sprocket 07:33 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

      I used to take that train semi regularly. The US customs was fairly efficient. Canadian customs would always take an eternity.

  • Kate 21:51 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

    It should not surprise us that hot weather is coming because summer is coming – should it?

    • Kate 16:49 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

      A group that speaks for the disabled says the city doesn’t offer enough parking spaces for the handicapped. There are 221 spaces now, and the group says there should be at least 1000.

      • Daniel 18:46 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

        I don’t know what the number is, but I can state as the new owner of a disability and of a parking placard: It’s piss poor. I’m betting it helps more in the suburbs; here on the Plateau or in Rosemont for instance, it doesn’t do much good.

        Yes, I know there is the notion that I can use the placard to park in resident parking or otherwise restricted areas; the city has assured me in writing that this is not the case. (Whether I do it anyway is a different question.)

        New York City — not a place known for ample street parking — affords almost unbelievable leeway to holders of handicapped permits! (They’ll let you park in a plow zone, for instance! They’ll let you park in paid parking for free!) Quebec City also affords more flexibility for holders of placards.

        I don’t expect miracles. But I have written to my elected officials on this subject. I know cars and parking are fraught topics, but we really need to do a lot better on this count.

      • shawn 19:32 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

        There’s a handicapped car owner who must live near me in Mile End and they have fashioned a big home made placard for the rear window telling the agent to look at their sticker in the front. They’ve been hit with undeserved tickets before I suppose.

      • Ephraim 19:35 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

        I’ve been saying this for a while. And in the case of where someone is in the car and the city tells the Green Onions to not be confrontational, they should just tell them to take a photo of plate, the front window, then a video of the spot, the sign, the front window and the plate and then write the ticket and have it sent. It’s not a loading zone or a stopping zone, it’s needed by those with a handicap.

        And a handicap can be completely invisible. Don’t challenge someone. If they have the placard, they have the right. Let the cops worry about checking them. Many people who have them will avoid using them if they don’t need them, to let someone who needs it more to use it.

        The worst assholes (forget my language) are rich people who park their cars in handicap spaces. They don’t care about the ticket… but the pain that someone may have to be, for going those extra 20 metres, is certainly not covered by the $300 ticket

      • Ephraim 19:36 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

        The city will cancel them instantly. But a pain.

      • thomas 08:14 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

        Is it against the law to tow vehicles displaying a handicap sticker in Quebec? Such an action is illegal in Ontario.

      • Daniel 10:48 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

        Also, thanks for posting this, Kate. Every so often it’s good to see who’s agitating for causes that I value and sometimes it comes out in stories like this. One of your posts a while back helped lead me to a group that advocates for asylum-seekers, too.

      • Ephraim 11:31 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

        I know that in Toronto/Quebec City, you don’t have to pay the meter. They have a much wider basis of places that they can park, except snow routes, emergency routes, no stopping, no standing, taxi stands, hydrants, etc. But can can park in No Parking zones or exceed the parking limit. And yet Montreal has meters for these? You can also park in any Reservé zone for up to 1 hour.

        When I had a permit, I parked in a zone “debarcadare” on Jeanne Mance next to the Westin in Old Montreal. They come out of the hotel yelling at me. The permit in the window. telling me that the hotel OWNS that spot. I told him that he is welcome to call the cops. That’s the point of the zone… idiot… so I can let someone in/out of the car, especially because they are handicapped and it takes longer

        Oh… the absolute worst one that I have encountered in Montreal… on Legaré, in front of the side entrance to the Jewish General Hospital. The parking is 15 minutes debarcadare with a no stopping bus zone for transport adapte. And people just PARK. Transport adapte comes and there is no way for them to let people on/off the bus. They need to park and help people get their wheelchairs and walkers off the bus. It’s a special bus! And there are people PARKED there. (Taxis can use it if they are being used as Transport Adapte)

    • Kate 16:05 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

      The ambitious enlargement of the Musée d’art contemporain has halted for lack of funds, while scaled‑down exhibits continue to be mounted in Place Ville Marie.

      • Kate 14:48 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

        The STM has put out an offer nearly reaching $1 billion for the major excavation of the blue line extension.

        • Kate 14:45 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

          A row of buildings on St-Antoine – where Steve’s Music used to be – is felt to be an eyesore on one of the approaches to Old Montreal. The owner of that row is the Palais des congrès, which has expressed intentions to enlarge in that direction, but – as this piece says – Quebec’s in no hurry to fund the project.

          • Uatu 23:28 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

            Tell Quebec that the land is going to be bought by Chinese investors who plan to build the biggest mosque for English speaking Muslims. Maybe that’ll get their attention… hahaha

          • Blork 16:51 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

            Also where Russell Books used to be a million years ago. I loved that place!

          • Kate 18:14 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

            Russell Books wasn’t in that block, it was a bit further west, facing that blocky building that had been the Montreal Star, then the Gazette. It’s a Westin hotel now.

            The same 1994 list where I found Bibliomanie in a comment above gives 275 St-Antoine West for Russell Books. There’s no such address any more, that whole block is just back doors for the Palais des congrès.

          • carswell 18:29 on 2023-05-24 Permalink

            “felt to be an eyesore”

            Dilapidated, sure, but if I were looking for a subject to sketch or paint — or probably even photograph — I’d definitely choose the row of buildings over huge, soulless, unwelcoming, wind-tunnelly monolith that is the St-Antoine side of the Palais and will probably be the fate of this block once the Palais has its way with it.

        • Kate 14:37 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

          As presaged, DNA has identified the killer in the 1975 murder of teenager Sharron Prior. Franklin Romine, who had a long history of crime both in Canada and the U.S., died in 1982 at age 36 at the Verdun General but was buried in West Virginia.

          • Kate 10:51 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

            Another item Monday morning is the highway blockages over the weekend: blockages on the 20 and long delays at the border.

            Update: The mayor is giving Quebec what for about the work on the 20, but Quebec says there will be weekend work on the 20 all summer.

            Second update: Quebec has just announced the closure of the 40 eastbound in a section in the West Island all summer.

            Third update: The Journal sees the 20 blockage, slowing access to the airport, as internationally shameful.

            • Nicholas 11:09 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Everyone complaining that Google et al. didn’t update their maps fast enough and then got stuck for 3 hours is a perfect advertisement for the radio stations that can’t stop running traffic reports.

            • carswell 11:32 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Biked out to Lachine on Sunday on a route that takes me through Ville St-Pierre and under the closed interchange. Was shocked at the traffic and tie-ups, and not just in the vicinity of the interchange. Traffic started getting heavy when I reached the Décarie and continued that way through NDG, Montreal West and even LaSalle and Lachine, where the lights at the Chemin du Musée, Chemin du Canal and Rue St-Patrick intersection were being controlled by a cop and where the hoards of cyclists and pedestrians waiting to cross — not to mention the lineup of cars — was like nothing I’ve seen in decades of biking the route. A royal mess.

            • Kevin 11:32 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              I do not understand the level of ignorance that allowed taxi and uber drivers to get on the road and not realize that a highway was closed all weekend.

            • Spi 11:43 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Well it wasn’t communicated with nearly as much importance, when they close the tunnel for a weekend you’ll hear about it for the entire week leading up to it, in this instance I had no idea of the closure until the Saturday reports of people being stuck for hours. It doesn’t seem like they made any adjustments to the road network to make the alternate route most people would take (decarie north to 520) any more fluid.

              Drivers even professional ones have become all too dependant on technology (waze/google maps), they don’t bother to look up road closures and construction zones. I still have the habit of checking travaux Montreal and quebec 511 before driving through the city because it’s so arbitrary and always changing.

            • Mr.Chinaski 13:58 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              The alternative route isn’t much better, it’s basically jampacked every day from 6am to 20pm.

              When you think about it… there is pretty much only 4 roads in Montreal where you can go in between the St-Lawrence and the CN train yard : The A-20, Notre-Dame, St-Patrick and Bd. Lasalle. Close one and everything goes to hell…

            • Mr.Chinaski 14:02 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Sorry, 6ix : The A-20, Notre-Dame, St-Jacques, Normand street, St-Patrick and Bd. Lasalle (St-Pat and Lasalle have the bottleneck from the Canal bridge).

              This is also a great stress test for what’s coming in the next 10 years : The complete reconstruction of l’échangeur St-Pierre…

          • Kate 10:49 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

            All our media Monday night and Tuesday morning are running pieces that are essentially a drumroll giving the information that police will give news on a cold case sometime Tuesday.

            I don’t see the point of news articles like this.

            • shawn 12:13 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Boy, a few years ago I was interviewed by SQ detectives at work about a cold case: a murder in some town north east of Montreal where somebody years ago, after a 2012 Montreal Gazette article had posted some sort of “confession” to the crime, which combined my Wikipedia username with someone else’s online ID, another Shawn. Anyway, it was very very weird. Of course because they’re SQ they don’t speak any English and my French back down was even worse than it is now, so we did the whole thing in French. I signed a statement. Very odd.

            • shawn 12:17 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              I just remembered one amusing detail, although it was pretty weird at the time. The murder had taken place in Mascouche. Now, as an English Montrealer, I don’t know where that is! No idea, but when I asked where the younger detective, a young woman, seem to eye me suspiciously. I had this vision of been brought up on charges of not knowing where Mascouche was.

            • shawn 14:08 on 2023-05-23 Permalink

              Anyway, much more seriously, I remember reading/hearing about the Sharron Prior murder at the time. I guess I was about her age. Definitely shocked the English community….

          • Kate 10:26 on 2023-05-23 Permalink | Reply  

            Quebec is changing its law on expropriation of property, basing the price of a property on its current market value rather than its potential value. The city has asked for this for a long time.

            The UMQ and CMM are all pleased about the pending change.

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