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  • Kate 21:35 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    According to a real estate analysis firm, Montreal is not among Canada’s happier cities, in fact coming in 86th out of 100.

    • Ian 21:49 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Real estate rankings, whatever. I moved to Montreal on purpose in 1990 and it’s the second best where-to-live choice i ever made. I moved to Toronto in 96 to pay off my student loans as there was no work here but the best move was coming back in 2002 because I missed Montreal. I grew up around Caledon. Yet another dull Orange Order Yawnsville.

  • Kate 18:47 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    The Main Deli has closed for good.

    • Ephraim 19:56 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      If I have ever seen tweets that clearly indicated that they haven’t been to Main in at least 5 years… these are proof. The last owner, switched to buying his smoked meat from one of the commercial providers… it wasn’t made in house. And the last time I had smoked meat there, it tasted like it was warmed in the dishwasher.

    • Ian 20:59 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Even Schwartz doesn’t use a real smoker anymore as they aren’t allowed in town. Lester’s and Snowdon are the last of their breed. Not to be confused with Lester’s Meats, the big commercial meat distributor the Main bought their smoked meat from.

    • JaneyB 02:23 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      What about Snowdon Deli? I was under the impression that’s where the good smoked meat really was.

    • Ian 07:43 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      It’s true, but don’t tell the tourists or it will get overrun 😀
      Their other food is good too, if your tastes run toward classic Jewish deli.

    • JS 09:25 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Last year I found about about a very old non-Jewish smoked meat place on Centre street that, after getting over the shock of never having heard about it, went and tried it and it was good. You can even treyf it up with a slice of swiss cheese.

      Smoke Meat Pete on Ile Perrot is also good but it’s kind of far.

    • Nicholas 09:52 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      If we’re listing places, Les Aliments Félix Mish in Cote St Paul is great, they have other good sandwiches too, plus lots of other Polish stuff.

    • Kate 09:57 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      JS, is that Quebec Smoked Meat? The Point has had a tradition of making cold cuts for years. Relatives used to pass by there to get supplies for parties, when I was a kid.

    • Frank 10:10 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Snowdon Deli
      5625 Decarie 514-488-9129

      24 Valois Bay, Dorval

      Quebec Smoked Meat
      1889 Centre

      3750 Boul. St-Martin Ouest

      Felix Mish
      1903 Rue Jolicoeur

      Jarry Smoked Meat
      6549 Rue Jarry E

      Smoked Meat Pete – only if you like mediocre blues music while you eat.

    • Ian 10:13 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Smoke Meat Pete is OK but it’s not a deli. If you just want American BBQ that happens to also have smoked meat it’s good. I’d rather go to Blackstrap in Verdun for that sort of thing and get the beef ribs 😀

    • Kate 10:13 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      The one time I went to Jarry Smoked Meat I was unimpressed by the skimpy sandwiches on white bread that we got.

      No love for the Roi du Smoked Meat on St-Hubert?

    • Phil 10:33 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Kate; next time you’re at Jarry Smoked Meat order The Corner. Roi is not long for this world – they desperately need staff. There are paper’s plastered all over their window hoping to find waiters, cooks, and drivers.

      Ian; Blackstrap closed a couple of years ago.

    • Ian 10:51 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Aw that stinks 🙁
      They really did have the best beef ribs I’ve ever had in Canada.

    • Ephraim 11:08 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      @Js – Swiss cheese on smoked meat? I heard a whole lot of bodies turning over in their graves on de la Savane from that remark.

      Lesters, Snowdon Deli are both good. Snowdon still has tongue (but they serve it cold) and you can get kreplach in their soup, but not as a side. Smoke Meat Pete is great, but a far trek.

    • Ian 19:02 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      You guys never hear of a Reuben? Sure it’s smoked meat instead of corned beef but it’s not crazy talk.
      At Langer’s, a classic LA deli, they make a Reuben with pastrami, not much of a stretch to used smoked meat instead. I wish a place here would replicate their famous #19 special – Pastrami, Swiss Cheese and Cole Slaw Russian Style Dressing.

    • Bill 08:43 on 2023-05-10 Permalink

      Most telling is that no one has talked to Céline about her reaction

  • Kate 15:54 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    The Guy Street exit from the Ville‑Marie will be closed all summer beginning Saturday.

    • jeather 16:28 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Oh good, that’s going to marry super well with the construction at the Atwater exit, glad they’ve really thought through all this construction planning.

    • Ian 21:04 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Not so bad since Rose de Lima is open, you can just go to St Jacques then up Atwater. Of course I wouldn’t put it past the borough or city to close that too since there’s no central planning.

    • shawn 06:40 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Meanwhile merchants and opposition complaining about the continued closure of Saint Catherine downtown to cars due to that unstable foreign-owned building https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/2023-05-09/troncon-ferme-d-urgence-depuis-un-mois/des-commercants-de-la-rue-sainte-catherine-tapent-du-pied.php

    • jeather 07:06 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      St Jacques has one lane closed and one lane is a bus parking lane, it gets backed up before Greene. Then it gets backed up much more for the left turn on Atwater.

    • Ian 07:51 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Oh yeah, true. And the construction on Courcelle messes things up to the west as well so basically all of St-Henri will be a festival of detours for a while.

    • Andrew 09:04 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Is this the work that required relocating the homeless camp? last article I found said the injunction was until June 15th.

    • jeather 09:31 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Required, or used it as a pretext?

  • Kate 15:53 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro looks at a text that seems to have vanished from the CF Montreal website (it was here, I think) that made some odd claims about the origins of Montreal as expressed in its flag and coat of arms. Not only were the English, Irish and Scots described as founding the city alongside the French, some implication was made that Indigenous people participated in the founding.

  • Kate 15:28 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has denied funds to the Carifiesta parade, which has been held here in one form or another since 1974.

    • Thomas 15:42 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      The end of an era? Carifiesta was apparently known well beyond the confines of Montreal.

      As a person of Caribbean descent growing up in Winnipeg — long before I ever set foot in Montreal — I can remember attending Caripeg with my dad and him telling me this is all well and good, but the real parties happen at Caribana in Toronto and Carifiesta in Montreal.

      Although I have to admit, I attended a few years back and was surprised to see that it had been folded into the overarching and somewhat lacklustre “week-ends du monde” ethnic megafestival at the Parc Jean-Drapeau, a shell of what I imagine was its former self.

    • Kate 16:04 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      I remember when it was held along Sherbrooke in NDG and was a real spectacle, good music, islands food being cooked and sold in the parks, it had an authentic community feel.

      It was a bad move, turning it into a static festival in Parc Jean-Drapeau. I remember blogging about that because it was clearly an unpopular choice, pushed far away from any of the communities that were involved. People didn’t want to trek over to the islands and it wasn’t a proper parade any more.

    • MarcG 20:45 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      It seems like this festival has been having problems for ages. I sometimes listen to West Indian Rhythms on CKUT on Saturday afternoons and I remember years ago now there was a discussion about the difficulties, both internally within the community and externally in dealing with the city.

    • Ian 21:09 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Black NDG has always suffered at the hands of the city, in no small part because it’s more Anglo than French. Jamaicans, Bajans, and Trinidadians are a double whammy chez nous

    • shawn 08:13 on 2023-05-09 Permalink


  • Kate 12:00 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    More than twenty boats were destroyed at a Laval marina on Sunday morning. Both these items say the cause has not been determined but it doesn’t look criminal.

    • Bob R 13:28 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      Lot of things bursting into flames these days.

    • Kate 13:37 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      walkerp suggested I add a layer of suspicious fires to the 2023 incident map and there have been a lot of incidents. Lately I’m adding at least one a day.

    • Sam 10:37 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Am I correct in my sense that there have been more murders in Laval than there have been in Montreal?

    • Kate 11:47 on 2023-05-09 Permalink

      Maybe not more, but it’s keeping pace. Maybe I should add a Laval layer to the map.

  • Kate 10:23 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    Monday morning, TVA is angry that TMR wants to maintain its bilingual status despite having only 18.5% anglo residents. Meantime the Acfas conference asks whether immigration threatens French and makes some valuable distinctions between speaking French at home vs. in the public sphere. Acfas is celebrating its centennial.

    • Kevin 10:43 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      A relevant tweet from an editor at Policy Options reiterating that those who do not know history are not worth listening to https://twitter.com/Patrickdery/status/1655568247498891265

    • Kate 12:23 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      I think what tweaked me this morning was the headline “Bilinguisme municipal: la victoire de l’anglais.” Seeing this situation as a fight is bound to end in tears. English is not fighting for supremacy.

    • Ephraim 13:50 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      At what point do we ask if TVA/JdM is actually a newspaper or in fact just an anti-anglo lobbying group?

      The difference with it being on TV… you can actually point out blatant discrimination on TV to the CRTC and ask questions like, where is the representation. In the case of TVA, since they are a national channel, they should need to have representation of the Federalist and Anglos to renew their licence.

    • Ian 21:13 on 2023-05-08 Permalink

      There’s no law against an obvious ethnically aligned editorial stance,look at the Gazette. JdeM is ridiculous but it sells. News is a business. Even CBC and Radio Canada have to be answerable to ratings to some extent.

      It’s not news, it’s infotainment. It is MEANT to serve a master, not the public.

  • Kate 09:03 on 2023-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    A building on St-Antoine West bought by the city in 2017 has had a fire every year since that time. The city wanted it for social housing but no project has been realized on the site.

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