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  • Kate 17:51 on 2023-05-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Despite efforts by volunteers who’ve encircled tree trunks with wire grilles, beavers are still eating trees along the Verdun riverfront.

    • MarcG 09:06 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      I don’t think they’ve simply migrated because of the construction as Downey suggest in the article. There is a family of beavers who live further downstream towards the bridge to Nun’s Island who have been there for many years, but it’s not a popular place to walk so nobody cared. They seem to have 2 dams going now in that location, one with baby beavers which are adorable. There is a new family (I assume they’re all related based on minimal knowledge of beaver behavior) that set up a dam further upstream last year or the year before and they’ve laid waste to huge chunks of the wilderness on the path along the river where lots of people do walk. It’s hard to know what the solution is since the beavers obviously have a right to live but humans and other animals also benefit greatly from the trees along the waterfront.

  • Kate 13:44 on 2023-05-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Gaétan Archambault, one of the vice-presidents of the city’s blue collar union, is being criticized for racist tweets. Members of the union say they fear its management all share the attitudes expressed by Archambault.

    And that, M. Legault, is a snapshot of how systemic racism works.

    • shawn 14:03 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      Slightly off-topic but not by much: has anyone seen the front cover of the Journal de Montréal’s weekend edition? It’s full nativist emergency freak-out. I found it sickening to look at, actually.

      Meanwhile La Presse has an interesting article about how Quebec is driving away French-speaking immigrants who could actually help it: https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/national/2023-05-06/immigrants-francophones/pas-desires-au-quebec-recherches-au-canada.php

    • Kate 14:35 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      shawn, you’re not kidding:

    • shawn 14:44 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      Sickening. I think Peladeau’s agenda is to boost the PQ. This helps them more than the CAQ imo. And I remember reading that he and Legault don’t get along…

    • Blork 14:53 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      Kate’s systemic racism comment will mean nothing to Legault. He will not recognize anything as “systemic” unless it is encoded in law. That is obviously a very blinkered view of what “systemic racism” means, but it serves him and his purposes.

      I don’t know if he actually believes it, or if he just puts it forward as a convenient and easily digestible “truth.” (After all, to acknowledge a broader and truer definition of systemic racism is to open the various levels of society and authority up to potential legal problems and to require changes that they perhaps don’t want to make. Also, it looks bad to their acolytes and enablers.)

    • Uatu 17:08 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      I like the weird juxtaposition of the fear mongering headlines with the happy advertisement of two seniors high fiving each other. They don’t seem to be worried! 😛

    • shawn 18:16 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      Oh that’s true. Or it shows who that fear-mongering is aimed at primarily.

    • Uatu 09:30 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      I also think it’s funny that one of the headlines is that French is in decline while the story linked here from TVA talks about un “leader du syndicat” . Seems to me you’re helping in the decline TVA! LoL

    • shawn 11:32 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      The wonderful Yves Boisvert tweeted about the JdM’s nativist/anti-immigrant bent and I weighed in and of course all the hardline separatist/”anti-wokistes” did too. I’d say there’s a 50/50 split (on Elon’s increasingly right-wing site) https://twitter.com/YvesBoisvert/status/1655194490963886084

  • Kate 13:31 on 2023-05-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Le Devoir visited the Burgundy Lion on Saturday morning while it was holding a high tea and screening the coronation of Charles III.

    In other pub news, the Ye Olde Orchard in NDG has been ordered to put a French descriptor on its sign, in case anybody mistakes it for a church or a daycare or a clinic, I guess. I don’t know whether to credit the remark that it will eventually have to rebrand itself Le Vieux Verger.

    • DeWolf 21:20 on 2023-05-06 Permalink

      The cynic in me says this is just some attempt by an angryphone business to drum up some free publicity. Trademarks are protected so the idea that Ye Olde Orchard would have to be changed to Le Vieux Verger is either a complete fiction, or it’s some OQLF inspector taking the piss, knowing full well the law protects trademarks.

      If the owner can’t be bothered to comply with the law by adding a simple French descriptor (“resto-bar”?) I’m not sure what to say. What a weird hill to die on.

    • Mark Côté 13:12 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      As an aside, awhat they (and similar places) were serving was “afternoon tea”, not “high tea”, which was actually a small working-class meal that didn’t involve fancy things like scones and cucumber sandwiches. I guess places outside of Britain thought “high tea” sounded fancier than “afternoon tea” and just started using the former to mean the latter.

    • Kate 15:03 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      True, but since the article says “un service de High Tea” I stuck with their terminology.

      It can’t have been afternoon tea, since it was served first thing in the morning.

      I’ve always found it confusing, reading English books or talking about England, that they have two quite different meals with the same name, and there are endless shades of class distinction in how the terminology is used.

  • Kate 10:33 on 2023-05-06 Permalink | Reply  

    A concerned citizen filmed traffic at the corner of Rouen and Parthenais, where seven‑year‑old Mariia Legenkovska died in traffic last year, and found that there are still many infractions and the situation is still dangerous for pedestrians.

    • Orr 10:22 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      Hutchison and St-Joseph ouest, which had pedestrian safety improvements after an incident a couple of years ago between a vehicle and a person pushing a child carriage, has decayed back to dangerous situation.
      Plateau installed planters to protect crosswalk, but these were moved out of the way to allow illegal u-turns at this corner.
      Doesn’t help that it is on the border of Outremont and Plateau. Plateau put in safety improvements, while Outremont does the opposite, example by allowing car parking right up against the crosswalk (blocking view by car drivers of pedestrians entering the crosswalk, and for pedestrians to not see cars coming at the intersection, and Outremont even allowing parking inside (!) the intersection (T-Intersection).
      There is a gap of crosswalks between here and Cote-Ste-Catherine, and pedestrians, and many many seniors living in the cote-St-Catherine condo towers, just jaywalk cross in the middle of the block at Nelson/russian church.
      Because St-Joseph is downhill here, cars speed well above the posted 30 km/h. Bit of a racetrack, to be honest. Both boroughs need to make safety improvements here. Plateau to restore their crosswalk protection planters, and Outremont to take the situation seriously, and not prioritize this corner for car parking.

    • Ian 18:16 on 2023-05-07 Permalink

      Orr, you have brought up that corner before, but I would like to remind you (again) that Outremont has consistently slower speeds on their east-west streets that Mile End does. The planters and cement blocks put in at the corner of St Joe and Hutchison were a Plateau hack job, worth noting although Hutchson borders the two boroughs they have an agreement that the Plateau is responsible for everything on the street including signage, parking, snow clearing, and street cleaning. both sides of Hiutchison are Plateau parking. On St Joe they closed the de L’Epée shortcut from the top with turnpikes. Not sure what more you might want… if anything traffic lights would look less shitty than the maze of cement blocks but hey, that might actually involve some real traffic planning studies from the Plateau & Rabouin already brags about not having any.

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