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  • Kate 23:01 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

    The southern half of the Îlot Voyageur belongs to the city, which promised social and “affordable” housing on the site, but so far nothing has materialized. This Le Devoir piece is mostly about how Ensemble is complaining about it, although not clearly explaining how they would overcome the chronic issue of Quebec not providing funding for social housing.

    • Kate 22:53 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Guy Cloutier, who’s done time for sex crimes, is in the news again, ordered to pay $15,000 to a woman who alleges he sexually assaulted her in the 1970s.

      • Blork 15:45 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        E. Jean Carroll gets $5 million. This woman gets $15,000.

      • Kate 18:27 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        That may be the relative size of Cloutier’s resources vs Trump’s.

      • Ian 20:40 on 2023-05-14 Permalink

        … and relevance. Nobody knows Cloutier outside a fairly narrow circle, internationally or even nationally. Trump is a big deal, Cloutier is not. The only thing they have in common is being rapists.

    • Kate 22:48 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      An 81-year-old woman is in critical condition after being hit by a train in Beaconsfield on Friday afternoon. (The Exo site shows there’s no Woodland station, as mentioned: the closest one is Beaurepaire.)

      • LJ 23:55 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

        The Beaurepaire Station is located at the northern end of Woodland Avenue.

      • Kate 08:46 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Yes, but it isn’t called Woodland Station.

        Was Beaurepaire once a separate town? I can’t tell from the map.

      • LJ 09:23 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Yes, Beaurepaire was established as a city in 1678, but now it is just an informal district in Beaconsfield.

        By the way, biggest day of the year in Beaurepaire is today, live bands, garage sales and other activities: http://www.lesamisbeaurepaire.com/en/bigbeau

      • Meezly 10:48 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Yesterday, my neighbour’s sister was coming by train from Kingston to visit and the train was stopped at Vaudreil-Dorion at around the time of that accident. She had to wait about 4 hours before they could move again.

        At the time, the sister was saying that there was a possible suicide on the tracks but now it looks like this was the cause.

      • Kate 12:32 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Someone also posted to reddit saying they were stuck on a train outside Dorval for 3.5 hours, probably the same train.

        There’s been no specific mention of suicide, and they may not be able to determine whether the woman was suicidal or merely disoriented.

    • Kate 17:45 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Communauto users will soon benefit from more flexibility in where they can leave their borrowed vehicle. TVA lists the other upgrades in service.

    • Kate 12:09 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      The STM got a little extra cash from the ARTM so it won’t be cutting services this fall as previously hinted.

      • Ian 21:16 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

        Well that’s a relief – but will they restore rush hour service to pre-pandemic levels, or just not cut what reduced service we have now?

      • DeWolf 11:03 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        This article in La Presse has more detail:

        3% overall service increase
        Improved service on 75 bus lines
        Some lines will have much more service: 15% increase on 24 Sherbrooke, 12% on 18 Beaubien
        No increase in metro service, but frequencies will be adjusted


      • Kate 12:34 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Thanks, DeWolf.

        No specific mention of the 55. I waited nearly half an hour the other day for the 55 north at 17:30 and of course it was jammed when it showed up.

      • shawn 13:24 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        Yes it’s funny I don’t remember the 24 being as insanely overcrowded as the 55 can get – I take them both.

    • Kate 11:00 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Coyotes have been multiplying in the Pointe‑aux‑Trembles nature park, Pointe‑aux‑Prairies, posing a threat to people and pets in that part of town, so the city has decided to capture and euthanize them. Nobody tell Anne‑France Goldwater.

      • den 08:57 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        I’ve seen foxes attacking cats in Verdun.

      • Ephraim 16:58 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        What does the fox say? https://youtu.be/jofNR_WkoCE

      • dhomas 21:57 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

        My cat was once attacked by one of the foxes that used to live in the Repos Saint-François d’Assise near my house. Those foxes have all been captured and (I hope) relocated, though.

    • Kate 10:55 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      River navettes will start operating Monday, although this piece notes that high spring water means not all the piers are operating yet. Details should be on the Navark site about the routes and schedules and see Blork’s link for others.

      • Blork 11:29 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

        Whaaaat? I see no indication that the Vieux-Port to Longueuil boat will be running this year. WTF!!!

      • Blork 11:33 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

        Oh wait… it’s because that’s not a Navark boat. Montreal/Longueui boat site is here: https://navettesfluviales.com/routes/

      • Kate 11:44 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

        Excellent, Blork. Sorry my error startled you and thanks for the additional link.

    • Kate 09:41 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

      Weekend lists: CityCrunch, Metro, CultMTL, Sarah’s Weekend List.

      And the driving horrors of the weekend.

      CultMTL has its Best of Montreal 2023 out.

      It’ll be sunny all weekend.

      • Kate 09:29 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

        There have been so many firebombings around town lately that I haven’t blogged each one. The ones I see reported are on the map.

        Two vehicles were torched Thursday night in St‑Léonard, and a pizzeria in Longueuil was firebombed as well.

        La Presse says there’s been more than one criminally set fire every day in May despite a few arrests.

        The owner of Nuits de Beyrouth restaurant in Laval has shut down his business after his refusal of an attempt to collect protection money resulted in repeated attempts to damage or destroy the business.

        • Kate 09:15 on 2023-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

          SPVM police have accepted the contract offer promising a 19% raise over five years, plus better pay for new recruits.

          • Ephraim 12:12 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

            Where are they going to get recruits from? The brotherhood has made the Montreal police so hated/disrespected that no one wants to be a Montreal policeman.

          • walkerp 13:28 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

            Imagine if teachers got a raise so easily.

          • Ephraim 18:17 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

            It’s easier when you can manipulate the data

          • anonymous 20:20 on 2023-05-12 Permalink

            @ephraim off-island of course.
            As one of my former students once said, the police cadets are all the kids from Rigaud who were good at gym and nothing else.

          • Ephraim 16:59 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

            @anonymous – Wish it was true, but even they know better… they go to Laval, Mascouche, etc. We get the ones from Mont-Laurier who have only see 2SLGBTQIA+ and autochthone people on TV

          • dwgs 19:52 on 2023-05-13 Permalink

            Pretty sure kids from Mont Laurier have interacted with a lot more autotochtone folks than the typical kid raised in Montreal.

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