Protest held at MUHC hospital

One of the Canada-wide antivaxx protests Monday was held at the MUHC hospital.

Nora Loreto, whom I follow on Twitter, has posed some good unanswered questions about antivaxx and Covid-denying protests. Journalists seem content to report the existence of the protests without asking: Who’s behind these groups? Who’s profiting? Who’s helping them? (And – as she adds – how is it that these people have so much free time during the day?) Journalists should never forget to investigate cui bono – who is benefiting?

I’m not suggesting I know, or that there’s necessarily a monolithic evil force behind the movement. But it takes some organization and some concentrated will to orchestrate protests across Canada all at the same time. Is everyone involved volunteering purely for twisted idealistic reasons, or are some of the organizers being paid, and if so, by whom?

Somebody’s got to get out there and go undercover.