The cyclic stories of the city

In the spirit of retrospectives this time of year, I’m reposting the weblog list of reliably cyclic stories, adding one:

Very early spring: So many potholes! How did that happen?
Early spring: Who threw all this trash around the streets? Why is the city so filthy?
First heat wave: Why don’t we have air conditioned buses and metros?
Moving Day: How quaint, except for junk left on sidewalks and sad abandoned pets 🙁
Construction holiday: Gasoline is suddenly so expensive!
High summer: Please don’t feed the raccoons at the lookout.
Rentrée: The traffic, my god the traffic!
Rentrée: It’s still hot out, why are the pools closed?
Christmas season: Why are the ERs jammed with so many noncritically sick people?
Deep winter: What to do about the homeless when it’s too cold to be safe outside.