Springtime grime: city cleans up

The city is cleaning up the inevitable post-winter mess and there are cleanup corvées around town this weekend and next. Brief report from CTV and in the Journal.

Metro talked to Corey Fleischer, whose crusade is to obliterate hate graffiti in and around town.

For my part, last week I went out in the alley and swept up a winter’s worth of semi fermented botanical scrap from the vines that have grown out over the overhanging cables since a neighbour planted some kind of creeper a few years ago that produces small blue berries inedible by people. Birds like them, though: I’ve seen a pair of cardinals having a nosh up there from time to time. It didn’t take long and now my segment of the alley is clean and dry – kids play out there, neighbours meet to walk their dogs, chat over the back fence. It’s a nice little corner of town.